Champions League? I don’t think so


I am sure we are all disappointed in going out of the Europa Cup, but be honest, did ‘any’ of you think we would win the penalty shootout? Huddlestone wont be able to play for much longer as he said he wont cut his hair until he scores, he will be falling over his hair before that happens, and the least said about Ade’s penalty the better.

However, the fact remains that even if we do make the Champions League for next season (and I actually don’t think we will), the chances of us getting anywhere are totally remote. Lets face it, we struggled against all the teams in the Europa League this season, getting only draws against most of them – most not even being good enough of our Championship League – and then just got through against a poor Lyon team and then getting knocked out by a second rate team from Switzerland. Lets face facts, if we cant beat teams like Basel, what chance have we against ‘most’ of the teams that will be in the Champions League next season. I think we should be embarrassed to losing to Basel, full stop.

The Woolwich Wanderers get embarrassed every year after the group stages, and we would be the same – if we actually got through the group stages.

I know most of you will disagree with me – and as I have said many times it is only my personal point of view – but apart from the money side of things, what is the point of us being in the Champions League? We have absolutely no chance of winning it, it might be better to try and concentrate on winning the Premiership next season rather than make fools of ourselves in the Champions League.

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  1. Be fair, Hudd's penalty wasn't too bad, keeper just guessed the right way – don't forget his sublime assist for the equaliser too.

    But no, I didn't expect us to win the shootout, and I would have bet £100 that Ade was going to miss.

  2. Firstly I think the attitude would be different. There's always a sense with the Europa League that Spurs teams have gone out expecting to win, other than at White Hart lane against Inter Milan when the team was straight out of the blocks. In the CL you are playing the likes of Inter Milan every week.
    Secondly you'd think that getting CL football would result in a bit more money being spent on the team. Clearly a centre forward is needed and there's a definite sense that the shift of Bale to the middle ( result of having no strikers albeit a good one!) means that Spurs lack a genuine threat from the left…although getting Andros back might solve that.
    Thirdly our results have primarily been the result of the type of team we play in the EL. Virtually every team has come to White Hart Lane with the aim of frustrating Spurs, in the group games.That doesn't suit the pace Spurs have in the team. Can you imagine a CL team doing that?

  3. Bizarre statement at the end. We have even less chance of winning the league than the CL. Why do you think that Liverpool have won the champions league, but not the league for decades? The league is harder. If we are not in the CL, then we would be in the Europa anyway! I would be shocked to hear anybody say that they would rather be in the Europa over the CL! The point of Spurs right now is improvement. Under Levy, we have gone from mid-table, max 9th place / occasional relegation-threatened Spurs to expecting 5th as a minimum and even disappointed with that. The next step is to cement that new mentality, get more CL outings (which earns more money and attracts better players that can enable an eventual title push) and aim for higher finishes. Before we can make a push for a title, we need to break the top 3. The CL is part of the progression. All that yesterday was a new manager, and an inexperienced one at that, getting used to Spurs, English teams in Europe, and is likely to improve as our manager. The first leg was the problem. What happened last night was actually commendable given what had preceded it. Look at Basle. You are seeing a team progressing in a similar vein to how Spurs are. No one knew who they were 6 years ago, but by getting a few CL outings, they improved. You can only get better by playing against the best…and they are in the CL.

  4. So you think Spurs have a chance of winning the league next year? Did you have to much to drink last night?
    I'd just like to say that Inter, Lyon and Basel are better than most teams in the league. Spurs need to be a cup team before they can win the league. the league cup, fa cup, and european cups are easier to win than the league (providing you've qualified). Spurs still have a good chance of finishing in the CL places, Everton are a little too far back, and Chelsea have a lot of congestion. There is now only one clear objective for Spurs.

    stay off the moonshine

    • You need to read carefully what i said. To both you and TonyRich, i did not say we would win the Premiership next season, what i actually said was we should concentrate al our effots on 'Trying' to win the Premiership – as i also said we would have no chance whatsoever of winning the Champions League if we were even lucky enough to finish in the top four.

      By CheekyCockney

      • I did read what you said. And I pointed out the converse – that Liverpool find it easier to get to CL final than win league these days. Arsenal too. We should not be "trying to win" the league either. We are no where near. It is a gradual process. Our first aim was to get top 5 – we did under Jol. Then it was to get into the top 4 – we did under Harry. The next step is top 3. Only when we can get into top 2 can you say that we can have any chance of trying to win it. Given that we have just changed manager, and to one that is incredibly inexperienced, it will be a slower progression. Our aim is to merely try and finish higher than last time. The CL is a pleasant bonus. But we should not let it affect our progression. Fooling ourselves that we can be title contenders when we cannot get more than 70 points in a season will not help. Arsenal are never title contenders these days, yet they regularly get over 70 points and we do not.

      • My point is that it's easier to win any cup, providing you've qualified than to win the league. Spurs lost the fa cup final last year, and as for the champions league chelsea won by finishing sixth, didn't liverpool win having finished fifth, and porto won a few years back, if they were in the EPL would they have won the league that year? to be honest a domestic cup far more doable tham the league in the next few seasons.

  5. CheekyCockney, there's an error in your bio. You talk about Paxton Road, but there isn't a Paxton Road at the Emirates, which is clearly where you have a season ticket after reading this rubbish

    • What a Fucking idiot you are OneSpur. Arseholes like you should refrain from writing on the site – unless you have something interesting to say. OneSpur, you are a total prick although i am sure everyone will be looking forward to your next 'sylable' which is about the extent of your vocab.

  6. Have to disagree, there were key players missing from this game. Bale, Lennon, Sandro, Kaboul and Defoe are players that were not available for the game yesterday. If you take this in account you can see why we have struggled. When was the last time we had all these players fit and in the same team together? With a full strength 11 we have no issues the main problem is the lack of depth we have in our squad. We always struggle when Bale and Lennon are injured due to the lack of cover in these positions. We must strengthen in the the summer and it's about time Levy realises this.

  7. Rubbish. Lyon are certainly not a poor team, nor are Basle second rate.

    Of course we wont win it, but we'll have some big games to enjoy. Who'd you rather be playing, Shamrock Rovers or Real Madrid??

    Of course I'm totally gutted to have gone out, and we have been mostly poor during this run, but I fr one am encouraged by the heart we are showing recently when behind in games.

    Should Levy actually decide to back his manager this summer, who knows how far we can get.

  8. This is the best article on Spurs I have read in a long time. What is the point of finishing 3rd. or 4th. who cares we can't be any 2nd. rate team so what will the elite do with us. By the way don't get excited about all this summer transfer gossip as usual it is all total rubbish. We will get 2 or 3 free transfers and the has been like Osman. Don't renew your ticket is the answer save your money and take a 3 day break to see Bale in Madrid.

  9. Agree with TonyRich and ChrissyWaddle. The only thing I would add is even with 10 men we should have tried to win in ET, penalties is not something to play for when we havent won one (except peterborough ?) since that night in 1984 when I stood watching Tony Parkes secure a career in coaching.

  10. Never read a article with so many negative comments .all the mixed times over 40 yes supporting spurs this article says throw towel in pathetic comments. All spurs fans must believe 6 to go let's get behind avb and players its now they need us

    • Prat. You obviously have not read many articles. I agree we should get behind the team, but what you cannot disagree with are the comments Cheeky has made. They may be negative, but they are true. We are not good enough for the champions league and you must admit that Phil. If you dont you are living on another planet and have no idea what football is all about.

      • There's only one prat here mate and that's you for fuck sake if we get there this year players will come .players will go that's football. it is about taking the oppertunity and then building on it .if we do manage it who knows who might sign .and about not knowing nothing about football you'd av a surprise but that's another matter .av good one coys

  11. Agree with Cheeky and his thoughts. Lyon and Basel are not what you would call TOP European clubs, yet we litterally only just got though against Lyon and of course lost to a second rate Swiss team. Not sure if i agree totally with cheeky that we would be better off not being in the champions league, but do understand where he is coming from.

    We do get a lot of morons on here, like OneSpur, and as John said in his reply, we dont really want idiots like OneSpur on here if they cant even write sensibly.

  12. As i said, it is only my opinion, and as i also said, i am sure a lot would not agree with me. I cannot understand the thick and abusive people that just leave daft and obscene comments, surely it would be better if they gave constructive criticism, but then maybe those like OneSpur just dont have the intelligence. Going down to his level, perhaps he should call himself OneGooner lol

    By CheekyCockney

  13. Yes agree with Cheeky, and after todays Gooners result, the point about Champions League does'nt really matter anyway. We wont finish 4th – something i notice Cheeky said way back in August. Perhaps we should all start taking notice of what he says, he certainly seems to know all there is about football.

  14. Lol

    You just have to keep laughing at the SPURS fans, they really do believe the hype about themselves that the media keeps publishing, for the past 5 season the SPURS have the best players and squad blah blah… Lol

    It's all talk but no walk, just prove that you are good enough, don't just talk, even QPR can say they are a good team, but can they prove it come the end of the season?

    Spurs have still got a long way to go, and come next season Chelsea and Arsenal will be out of sight, you have had your opportunity and did not grab it, Chelsea have been going through uncertainty each season, Arsenal have not spend near what they should be spending while selling their best players each season and they are still fighting fir Top 4 with the best SPURS team in 20 years… Oh Dear… Lol

    • If you read all my blogs WesternBoi you would see that whith the heaviest heart and so regretably what you have said is what i have been saying for a long time. I get castigated by a lot of Spurs fans for my comments, but i only try to be realistic. We are not as good as everyone thinks, i only wish we were, and because of Daniel Levy not putting his hand in his pocket in January when we really needed to strenghen but did'nt, next season could see Chelsea and the Scum out of site. It hurts me to say, but it could happen. But unlike Chelsea, Arsenal – and many other fans – we will continue to support our team through thick and thin.

      By CheekyCockney

  15. Cheeky, you are a star. I like the way you say things as they are and dont get affective by those who disagree with you. I think people should also be more constructive in any criticism but as it appears they are pretty thick and dont have much knowledge. Keep up the good work, you are a breath of fresh air not only to the site but also to football in general.


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