Champions League – Yes or No?


The question we are all asking is ‘will we finish in the top 4 and a Champions League place’. Before you answer that and make your judgement, lets just look at a few facts.

We have been in this position – with things in our own hands – on a number of occasions and nearly every time we have ‘blown it’. Only when we made the champions league a couple of years ago, every other time we have blown it. Even last season, on 3 occasions we had it in our hands to finish 3rd (and then we would’nt have had to worry about Chelsea), yet we blew it each time.

Year in, year out, we get ourselves into a great position and shoot ourselves in the foot. This season, just a couple of weeks ago we had it all in our own hands against Fulham, we blew it. Last weekend against Wigan we had it all in our own hands, we blew it, and once more it is all in our own hands again with 4 games to go. Win them all, we cannot fail to make the Champions League. We should beat Southampton, Stoke and Sunderland, and then the Chelsea match. What would the betting be that we actually beat Chelsea, but don’t get the victory we need in each of the other games.

So, the question is, will we make it or will we blow it?

Being a Spurs supporter since 1962, i have no option unfortunately other than to be pessimistic. We always seem to get our hopes set up – look at all those who said when we beat The Woolwich Wanderers that we were certain to get in the top 4, and when i said lets not count our chickens, i was castigated by idiots with obscene remarks.

So, this is not a debate article, it is a simple YES or NO answer.

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  1. i dont really see it as blowing it. We just had alot of our difficult games piled up at the end of the season. People have forgotten about the home draws with west brom and norwich, they didnt say we blew them, yet fulham and wigan at the end of the season is 'blowing it'.
    we are the 6th highest payers and 6th in revenue so we really shouldnt be above 6th. This is the barclays money league remember, if you dont like it, blame the premier league. Whos idea is it to reward 4th anyway?? top 3 ok, but 4th is nowhere. Time this place went to the fa cup and us spurs fans can forget all about the champions league. Its a closed shop for the same old teams, uefa dont want us there, they just want the usual suspects with the big grounds to get the most money. Football is in the gutter.

  2. january came mr levy and you failed once again to buy us a striker. why why mr levy i cannot understand why you refuse to take us to the next level. in the summer arsenal chelsea and both manchester clubs will spend. thank you mr levy,in january i was working out how we could over take mancity what a shame in fact shame on you mr levy

    • Our defence is just as much to blame. We have conceded too many goals whilst not scoring enough. In actual fact, we haven't created enough goal scoring chances. So all in all, our team isn't strong enough numbers wise or mentally either.

  3. Regardless of the money and yes it is ridiculous these days, we have a tendancy to mess things up on our own accord. We have blown it! Had we have won against Wigan, Id be more hopeful. But we just didn't even show up on the day!

  4. I know you post quite a bit on here "Cheeky" and yes, your "facts" have turned out to be correct on a number of occasions.

    But honestly, enough of the bloody doom and gloom man! You'd think that you didn't want us to ever win/challenge/compete anything!

    Are you as pessimistic with your own life as you are with your feelings toward Tottenham Hotspur? No disrespect, but if you are then surely the outlook is bleak!

    I will hold my hands up and say that I don't go to nearly as many matches as I should (money/children/work/et all). But I can say with my hand on my heart that I love Spurs, and no matter what I will cheer them on, will them on, urge them on, even if it's from my sofa.

    Why the constant negativity man? If it hurts you so much why do you go? Why do you post?!



    • James, i very much appreciate your constructive criticism and take on board your points. It's also nice to know that you read my articles even though you are not always in agreement.

      Unfortunately, as i said, when you have been supporting spurs since 1962, you do become a bit pessimistic. My outlook on life of course is 'optimistic'. My feelings for Tottenham Hotspur are probably stronger than anyone’s (just ask my son who's feelings for Spurs are as strong as mine).

      The problem is, it is mostly doom and gloom where we are concerned, otherwise we would have won trophy after trophy and been in the Champions League on a regular basis. The facts are there to be seen, and as much as it really hurts me, you cant go against those facts.

      I just hope that the negativity diminishes and that we start moving upwards again and become once more one of THE big clubs which we used to be.

      By CheekyCockney

  5. We still have it in our own hands, but when we dont beat wigan when we know arsenal are gonna play man united and probably loose points, then its bad. You should play like its a matter of life and death then if you really want it and deserve it. But we still have the chance, lets hope bale dosent get injured again cause putting my faith on defoe and adebayor to score it home for us dosent feel all that reasurring. We still can and hopefully we will, lets hope our transfer tactics of buying cheap holds all the way.

  6. No. We have Chelsea and I don't see us beating them away. It's possible. But truth we told we most likely will draw Stoke or Sunderland as well. We need 9 points from 3 matches. It seems like a big ask to do it. We did it two season ago with a harder fixture schedule. It remains to be seen. . If we draw Chels and beat Stoke and Sunderland and Arsenal draw against Wigan then we can. Otherwise we need 9 points to be sure.


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