Do Chelsea really think £30m is enough to sign Modric


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Chelsea are set to improve their offer to £30m for Spurs midfielder Luka Modric.

That is what is being reported in today’s Sun newspaper. If true it seems like a pointless bid by the Chelsea hierachy to increase their offer by just £3million after their £27million offer was rejected out of hand by Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

According to the report, Chelsea are confident that they can land Modric for £30m and insist that they will not break the bank to land the Croatian.

The figure still falls way below Tottenham’s valuation of Modric.

When asked about Modric, Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay said: “I don’t like talking about players from other clubs. But that’s something we’ll look at during the week and we’ll take it from there.

“We really need to sit down with Andre and talk this through.

“Even though we’ve been travelling in the Far East for the past two weeks, you can still be active in the marketplace nowadays.

“The communication is always there with our guys back in London or wherever they are around the world.”


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  1. So is Modric for sale at the right price, whatever that is? Today Kevin Bond is being quoted implying he is. So has the club position changed? I don't see how Levy can go back on his original statement that the matter is closed.

    And we have to listen to Arry going on about how we aren't a contender, because Ferguson didn't mention us amongst the 5 clubs he said could win the league. Except that in the quote I saw Alex mentioned six clubs, one of which was Spurs.

    As if it mattered. Shut up Harry!

    • Everything is for sale, it's just a question of price. I doubt your house is for sale but if I offered you £5m for it you'd probably let it go (unless you're like Abramovich and have yachts worth 200 times that amount). I really wish that wasn't the case as I don't want Chelsea to get mugged (again). Modric is good but he's certainly no more than £30m good, even at today's daft prices; Sneijder and Pastore are both considerably better to name just two. Harry Redknapp and a lot of you folk suddenly seem to think he's Lionel Messi……. I really hope you do hang on to him.

  2. Chelsea sheer arrogance is breath taking!! If it were me I'd hold them to ransom 60-70M!! Spurs don't want to sell!! Chelsea want Modric make them pay ridiculous money and tell chelsea they have to do it before 3rd august or we wont entertain any deal!!

  3. To be honest no…. I’m more concerned about us being linked with Zamora which is beyond a joke…That’ll show our rivals we mean business lmao…

  4. Of course Chelski think £30million if enough. They also think they are a big club…. it is called delusion. In society just because someone is rich does not mean they have class… That comes with breading…. In football having a sugar daddy owner does not mean you are a big club… that comes through history and success over decades. Once the sugar daddy goes away they will become what they really are a yo-yo club like West Ham.

  5. “I Don’t like talking about players from other clubs”, So I will, since you’ve asked! I’d be insulted if that offer for Modric was factual, as they’d just had an offer for Pastore turned down that exceeded that considerably. Which also implies Modric wasn’t even first choice? Come on Spurs, hold out for 45-50 million min or better still stand by your word and don’t sell him to Roman’s Rovers (aka Chelsea)

  6. Chelsea’s arrogance throughout this whole affair has must made me hate them even more. They think they just have to say the word and we will cave in, hence the ridiculous low offers that have been made. I hope Levy stands by his word and tells them where to go. He will be doing the whole of football a massive service if he stands firm.

    • When you consider how many domestic and European trophies Tottenham have won over a hundred years and compare that figure to those of other British clubs then I think you will find the answer is YES, not many teams have had more success than Spurs. Add the fact that before the premiership was invented most teams started the season with a chance of winning something, and all clubs took all trophies seriously and played their strongest teams.
      How many of the teams in todays premiership have a chance of silverware at the end of the season.

  7. To be honest im sick of the whole fiasco, let him go, as good as he is, no one player is bigger than the team, the total and utter disrespect he has shown the team, the players and the fans can not go un noticed. My solution is simple, slap a £45 million price tag on his head and transfer list him, let Utd, Barca and Real all try to get his snotty signature, atleast he will not dictate where he wants to go and his wish of leaving the club will be honoured by the club. Offer him to Real as a swap for Benzama or Higuain plus some extra dosh our way. We can fill that position without having to get anyone extra in. COYS

  8. Sell him for £30m plus sturridge , because if we do not his value will drop to £20m by xmas.

    He is not the best midfielder we got and his style although looking good hinders other players like Lennon and hudd. We need to start selling players to give us the time to bring in new ones.

    As for redknapps comments regarding players wages i think this is a case of do not expect anything from the tax dodger as he is busy playing court with her majesty.

  9. what a nonsense….30m enough for Modric…

    Not a chance Pastore to PSG for 45M++ so do Modric….

    chelski….dont make yourself fool

  10. I will say 30M + Sturridge. Krancjar, vdv and Pienaar can play there as well….or we can revert to 2 DM with Sandro and Hud. We need to let go 2 strikers and buy 1 ASAP


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