Chelsea to bid £60m for Bale and Modric?


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Chelsea will attempt to lure Tottenham pair Gareth Bale and Luka Modric in a £60m raid.

That is Sunday’s silly rumour.  Can you honestly see Daniel Levy selling two of his star players to one of our rivals?


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    • absolutely. Even with whatever offer we get, should Tottenham be thinking trophies for a change? We have right now the most promising core of talents for a long long time. Another world class striker & defensive midfielder would pretty much put us truly competitive in Europe. Big clubs don't just go for 4th place.

    • I was being sarcastic chaps,really?, Modric and Bale for 60 million is laughable, anyone with an ounce of business acumen would know that,60 million would be the revenue for our higher league position and potential CL money and certainly wouldn't cover the cost of their replacements. I wrote that because I really couldn't be asked to detail my thoughts AGAIN having said all summer that Modric was going nowhere despite constantly being told otherwise by the Daily Mail and Mr Redknap

  1. Daniel Levy has made his stance quite clear and I think if Chelsea persist in this badgering he should instruct his lawyers to sue them for harrassment.

  2. I believe that Bale is worth approx £65m and Modric approx £45m.

    That means a bid of £110m would be needed to meet their combined value.

    Then you must consider that both are on long term contracts and as one of this countries giant clubs and most ambitious clubs we would rightly expect a bid significantly higher than their market value.

    Therefore i'd suggest £75m for Bale and £55m for Modric. Combined we would therefore require a bid of £130m for the pair.

  3. Then we must consider the club bidding for the players – a direct rival, a london rival, a rival who have displayed on numerous occasions that they are a bunch of cunts.

    For this reason i would then value Bale at £85m and Modric at £65m. Combined fee now needed is £150m.

    Lastly we should feel obliged to protect the careers and integrity of such valued players and look to thwart any such potential move to a tiny club like little chelsea who are bankrolled by a russian cunt and have a stadium filled with a bunch of racist degenerates every other saturday.

    And its for this last reason why even a bid of £150m for the pair would not be successful – in Daniel Levy's own words 'we will not enter into any negotiations – with a bunch of tossers from the second hand fridge – over our best players.'

    Good night much love ;-)

  4. lol, 40 mil for Modders and levy said FO. So come back with a joint bid valuing Bale for a mere 20. How do you say FcUk Off in words a dim Russian can understand!

  5. What do Chelsea think it is BOG off season? Buy on get one free! They better keep on dream they will not be going to Chelsea in my life time

  6. This was reported on caught offside, a website of spurious headlines so they can sell advertising space

    Spurs were offered £40 mill just for Modric! so that leaves Bale, in Chelsea view worth only half that what Real Madrid are prepared to pay

    Its tosh
    Anyway we dont sell our best players anymore…………we are not Arsenal

  7. Ha Ha Ha is this today's comedy moment.
    £60 million each maybe, and even then why sell them, has somebody got the story wrong.
    Do these reportesr look at sport through the bottom of a beer glass

  8. Would be nice if we were to voice our interest in some of Chelsea's top players for a change. Yes we might not stand a chance in getting them, but it would make for a press outlook.

  9. This was written by Christian Bailey. If you look at his past articles on the site ( you will find that his predictions are a guarantee that they won't happen – the only articles that have any veracity are reports of events that have already happened (such as Gary Cook's resignation at Manchester City. It's obvious the man's a fool – as has been pointed out here, if £40M+ isn't enough to have persuaded Daniel Levy to sell in an effort to show that Spurs is not a selling club, then a sub £20M payment for Gareth Bale is simply laughable.

  10. Let’s offer 15 mill. For Torres and Drogba and see their fans reactions…Spurs won’t sell neither let alone the pair , and for 60 million I assume modrics right boot..kin larfable:):)

  11. the maths obviously don't add up and putting the words cheslea and raid together is obviously an oxymoron of the highest order

  12. Haha oh please. Typical 3rd rate journo, who hasn't got anything better to write over a premierleague-less weekend. Did make me laugh though!

  13. Levy should do a transfer block to chelsea. Simply say we will not sell anyone, for any price to chelsea. There filthy scumbags who use dirty tactics to unsettle and tap up other teams players who are under long contracts. There squad is ageing and as from next summer the transfer spending rule comes in so they would not be able to spend more than they make. As they make nothing and are running at a loss regardless of abromavichs money they won’t be able to spend that sort of money without it being investigated. An if they wanted Bale and modric it would be nearer the 100million mark for the pair! Spurs could overtake chelsea as well. And as the season is not over yet spurs may find themselves back in the champions league. An finally if luka and bale wanted to win trophys chelsea is no longer the place to go. Man city and man utd are the best teams now. Chelsea are just a small club with lots of dosh.

  14. if they give us 40 miullion for the weasal maybe it'd be a good deal for the fink fuck alla berbatov but we should stick to making the arsehole honour his contract. Bale would never leave Spurs, hes got the lillywhite imprinted on his heart.

  15. But dont think the Russian mafia boss couldnt come up with sixty million,. he gets thjat daily. The question to ask is why we let the Tosser into the United Kingdom , fucking crooked as they come, hes more bent that Elton John and jonathan Clary rolled into one.

  16. spur fans,

    suck my dick u fucking loosers,

    cheap club’s cheap supporters. . .

    the salary u r paying to modric,

    that much our ball boy is getting paid,

    u cheaper suck


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