Chelsea won’t be held to ransom over Modric price


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas has hinted Chelsea would not be held to ransom over Luka Modric.

Spurs have rejected two bids from Chelsea for the midfielder and insist that he is not for sale.

Villas-Boas said: “We have approached Tottenham before regarding the player.

“I don’t know if it’s viable or not and to what extent we can go regarding his price because we are speaking about a high amount and nothing else basically. End of story.

“Whatever comes from Harry’s mind is his own opinion about the situation.

“I just have to study the rest of the market and hopefully find a solution for my team.”

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  1. Fuck you chelsea, fuck you redknapp, fuck you modric. Held to ransom my arse! Modric signed a 6year contract, is owned by spurs and if was to be sold would be on tottenhams terms and 100 million % not to small club chelsea.

    • Well said fully agree, does anyone else think Rednapp is more on Chelski’s line than ours, I really think Rednapp has gone as far as he can at Spurs

  2. Seven months ago Chelsea showed that 27m is not a "high amount " when they spalshed 50m on Torres without batting an eyelid! WE KNOW that they can pay more. We do not need to sell, so 27m is no where near enough to interest us. It is their own fault. What goes around, comes around. They knew full well that we would reject 22m in a heartbeat. So if they REALLY want the player, why don't they show it? The way I see it, Modric should see that Spurs value his talents more than Chelsea do. Modric could end up as another Deco, and disappear there because he was never valued. We clearly can see that Modders wants bigger and better things, so we should at the end of NEXT season grant him his wish – after another good season, we will state that he is for sale at 40m or highest bidder (over 30m…but don't say that bit…)

    • ….they sign Lukaku for 20m. A 18 year-old kid with like one season under his belt (and cost nothing for Anderlect to acquire), yet they won't play 30m+ for a 26 year old Croatian international and part-time captain who they know cost the owners 16.5m to acquire. Technically Anderlect get 20m pounds profit, and Chelsea's 27m bid gives Spurs barely 10m profit….Quite….

  3. If Chelsea had listened to Levy when he said the matter was closed they wouldn't be wasting their time and there'd be no question of being held for ransom.

  4. To be held to ransom the person paying it needs to have had something he owns taken from him. Modric is not Chelsea’s to be held to ransom. They either pay the price tag or don’t.

  5. Pay or Shut up and jog on!

    The FA should really investigate these disruptive tactics.

    Modric ran the game at Stamford Bridge against all these ‘world class’ midfielders. He is irreplaceable at Spurs and not even £50m would be enough to find a replacement to slot in.

    We would either need to buy an expensive young player to develop or change the way we play as there is not another player aclimatized to the Prem who could slot in and play his role,


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