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Given that we’re in desperate need of a win, is Chelsea away really the next fixture we’d all choose? No, I didn’t think so. Saturday lunchtime, that’s what we head though. Bemoaning our luck or the fixture computer won’t do any good whereas dusting ourselves down, girding our loins, manning up and heading once more unto the breach dear friends probably will.

It’s time for Parker, Sandro, Gallas, Van der Vaart, Bale, Harry, England and St George to stand up plus anyone else who’s prepared to scrap from the first whistle to the last. Oh, and Adebayor and Lennon back in a white shirt would be handy too. I left Livermore out of that list for no good reason. His recent apparent refusal to swap shirts with Scholes due to the game’s scoreline smacks of an attitude the rest of the players need to embody if we’re to get anything from Stamford Bridge.

Our last minute equaliser on Wednesday proves that there is already a never say die quality about the side and I’m not saying that there isn’t, what I am saying is that given the defensive, organisational and finding-the-net problems we’re having, knuckling down and getting on with it (parking the bus?) might be our best chance on Saturday.

Chelsea’s resurgence stuttered at Man City on Wednesday but they’ll still go into this game with confidence (Torres apart). There’s no doubt who they believe they are most likely to pick off in the race for Moneybags League places. Us. For the moment our destiny is in our own hands. Or maybe it’s in our heads. Wherever it is, personally I’m not comfortable with it.

Martin Atkinson’s the ref. Type his name into Google and ‘Martin Atkinson Chelsea’ is one of the popular options offered. Clicking through will send you to mock-ups of the official wearing some familiar looking Samsung branded material. After the performance of Marriner and his motley assistants last year that’s just what we need.

‘To Dare Is To Do’ is the motto, ‘Dig In For Victory’ might be more appropriate this time out. COYS.


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  1. chelsea will wipe the floor with us morally, we had the Redknapp crap about if or if not he would become the England manager and of course he will, and the team has gone down the pan. Im disgusted as now the scum (who by the way are shite) will surpass us.Lets be honest a last minute draw against a heap of shite like stoke….are we kidding ourselves that we can do Chelsea who whilst being crap are much better than Stoke.


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