“It looks like his first choice will be England”


Diego Forlan is expected to be in line for a return to the Premier League.

The former Manchester United forward has been deemed as surplus to requirements at Atletico Madrid.

Forlan, 32, has been heavily linked with a move to Tottenham in the past with Redknapp having admitted an interested in the Uruguay international – but a lot will depend on his price considering his age.

Forlan has already rejected the opportunity to go to Turkey with Galatasaray .

“Diego will decide what happens, but it looks like his first choice will be England,” said Atletico president Enrique Cerezo.

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  1. Be a good signing on a free or a max of 5mil, but not as a main Striker signing. As an additional one to one of two others. Hulk and Damiao would be my prefered combination (on the basis of attainable players, Falcao, Aguerro out of our reach now) Rossi would be another if he’s given up on Barca.

    • I think Hulk will now be out of reach as apparently he recently signed a new contract with a 85 million buy out fee, cant see Levy paying that

  2. Forlan would be a great signing even at his ripe old age. need 2 get rid of keane, the freak crouch and defoe in my opinion. We have defiently got the squad there still to get back in that top 4 hopefully at the gooner scums expense, providing modric stays and I would get rid of bassong and corluka to bolton in part of a swap deal for gary cahill he's got great tekkers for a CB. As long as we get 2 more strikers in and I would actually give gio dos santos at least until january? Still think we could regret it if the boy isnt given a chance as he was dubbed the 'the next ronaldinho'. just struggling for names of the strikers we need as were gonna need at least 1 20 plus goals a season then we will defo be challenging for hounours! yid army!

  3. Drogba would be THE striker to get if we some how meet his pay demands, perhaps based on performance.

    I really don't think we should be thinking about getting rid of Corluka, he's our only experience right back and he can also provide cover at CB – useful with the new 25man squad rules. Yes he's had a poor season, but he's a classy player! 'Tekkers' and pace really are overrated, just look at England – Shite.

    I don't see dos santos getting in the 25man squad, doesn't offer enough.
    Crouch is always an option (fourth!!!)
    Defoe – again had a dismal season, but who are you going to replace him with and could you really see him having as poor a season again? – Rossi looks even further out of our reach now in terms of a like for like.

    Forlan? – No longer convinced he's the guy for us anymore – get the feeling we need someone a bit more explosive
    Damiao? – can't see him convincing modric to stay – half a good season and no prem experience

  4. Just heard this in the toilets at the Trafford Centre Nanni Bebatov and Ferdinand for modrick and 5 million this will be the biggest dept in the World Manures Team Genaro Twin Vidic Jones twin Young Modric snieder Valencia Rooney Hernandes position third Cups none haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Spurs 1st Berbatov 25 goals Nanni 15 Defoe 20 Midfield 17 Crouch 11 Pav 8 and transferred 31 aug Seville midfield 17 goals scored Goals conceded by King Dawson Ferdinand 11 . One serous note Defoe had a stop start season of injuries and the bench so dont judge him his goals he scored showed me with a full off season our strikers can get back in the top change them and we start allover again we finished 5th with horrendous injuries so waht can we achieve with lessin my humble opinion loads. Modrics states tell a different tale to the adulation we bestow on him four goals and not many assists is not good enough and without Huddlestone alongside him he is limited with his ability to change our 14 draws into wins you need to look at our games without the missing Hudds it will stagger you and prove beyond doubt we can win without Modds but without Huddlestone we struggle to score. You will quote me Liverpool but they would have bean energised if they needed to win to get fourth. Tom Huddlestone can beat this Energy with Rocket shots and fast Killer passes so we should not cry if he leaves trust me we will survive but he may not shine like he has along Thudds except in the middle third of the pitch then newt

  5. totally agree with mick above. Forlan is too old and most probably athletico will want at lest 12 mil which is too much for 2/3 good years out of him.
    still should be looking at damiao as he one for the future and his wages will be within our cap …. which drogba most certainly wont be. also the lack of premiership experience doesnt really bother me with this fella …. sandro had none and look how he has turned out!!

    • Re Damaio, i watched a youtube (not the best I know) show reel of him scoring a fair goals. Most were scored with his head, however, these goals (of which there were a lot) he was not really contested for them. Yes his runs and positioning was good to get to where he needed to be and he put the chances away, but one imagines that in the EPL he wouldn't get such an 'easy' ride.

      Sandro might be a bit of a phenomenon, he's strong and athletic as fuck, however, he only came through towards the end of the season having been terrible in the first half. Strikers in particular need to play and they need to be scoring for confidence. Ignoring the important fact that we can't afford to wait half a season (if that's all it takes) for Damiao to find his feet, it's hard to see him doing so as quickly and to the extent that Sandro has. Not saying don't buy, but he can't be our main or only purchase.

    • Yeah man, he'd be good, but at his age (like drogba) he's probably looking for one last pay day – we can hope for these two.

      Shame about the news on the Olympic stadium, this might temper how ambitious we are with wages and signings and risk taking there in.

  6. hes a wanker, got played out of the game v fulham , had one touch near the end and scored. that doesn't mean good that means wont do that very often, wanker .

  7. man is american lingo wolfe, we say bloke or geezer thats apart from some of the pretentious fucking oafs we have on this talk in or write in.
    fuck the olmpic stadium, mark my words sebastian coe is a total wanker and so is the stadiyum he built, whu will go there get rid of their own ground and gradually go down the pan as qpr nearly did when they transferred to the then fab stadium of the white city. in 20 years whu will be maybe out of the game altogether or gathering up the pieces in non league, dont make the olympic stadium with the emirates as the emirates was built with purpose even though its shit.
    the olympic one was built for running round a fucking circle and thats boring as fuck. by the way the olympics are bollocks and no one will make money out of it appart from coe and his bunch of finks. he won one fucking race and has been drinking out on it ever since.

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