“Maybe he’d choose a bigger club like Spurs”


QPR remain keen on signing David Beckham, but know they are unlikely to be his first choice.

Vice-chairman Amit Bhatia admits as much, with it expected that Beckham will head to Tottenham – where he trained last season – should be return to the Premier League and chase his 2012 Olympic dream.

“Would we like to have him? Most certainly,” said Bhatia.

“Have Tony and I discussed it? Yes.

“I am just not sure it’s a real possibility. We would like to sign people of Beckham’s calibre. I am just not certain Beckham would choose to come to us as a newly-promoted side.

“If he came to London, maybe he’d choose a bigger club like Spurs.”

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  1. For god sake Harry never ever brings this old has been to spurs!!

    Unless of course you want to make us a laughing stock. Jesus he was passed it 5 or 6 years ago, surely Harry would never consider such a ridiculous notion. I think I’d rather ask jimmy greaves

  2. Memories don’t live like people do. Please let common sense prevail DO NOT DO THIS DEAL. The only object of any such notion would be to sell a few more shirts and that isn’t a good reason to unravel all that is being achieved at Spurs these days. David Beckham simply cannot live with the pace of the premiership as is today in fact he was never that quick in a foot race anyway when he was young so why bring him to the club now that he’s older? The argument that he’s footballing brain is sufficient to see him cope is rubbish. If David Beckham takes to the field in the premiership as is he will suffer a serious injury and ruin the memory of what he is and what he’s achieved in the game for the game during the time he’s played this beautiful game. Memories don’t live like we do. Lillywhitetilidie


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