Opinion: Tottenham’s issue surrounding Eriksen’s contract and Levy’s refusal to spend

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Dom Le Roy

It’s no secret that Eriksen is a player that may still leave the club, even after the English transfer window closes.

Now, I believe there are many reasons for this, firstly the clubs lack of ambition. A player of Christian’s quality wants to win trophies, and for him, it hasn’t happened at Spurs.

We got very close, but now it seems we are falling further and further behind, even more so now we have only signed one first-team player for the upcoming season.

As a player, I’m sure it was unusual being at Spurs last season with not a single signing being made and it really does highlight a lack of ambition from the club.

Secondly, I think the wages we have reportedly offered him are an insult to his ability. According to Metro Sport Eriksen has been offered a contract worth £200,000 per week, and to Spurs that is a lot, but if we want to act like a big club then we have to pay the wages, look at players like Herrera on a reported 300 thousand a week (90Min)

Some Spurs fans are very on the fence about whether they want Eriksen to stay or go. We have been strongly linked to both Bruno Fernandes of Sporting and Giovanni Lo Celso of Real Betis (Standard).

So, a lot of Spurs fans want to freshen up the attack, which could mean Eriksen leaving, but with a year left on his contract, who to nobody knows.

His situation with the fans has not been helped by his two penalties in the pre-season games against Inter Milan and Bayern, with both looking very lacklustre and his body language suggesting he is very disinterested.

There is no denying his quality, all you have to do is look at what he’s managed to do at Tottenham since he arrived (Opta):

• Most Assists in the Premier League (60)
•Most Chances Created (547)
• Most Big Chances Created (70)
•Most Goals From Outside The Box (12)
• Most Goals From A Free Kick (7)

These statistics truly show what a special player Christian is and why it would massively benefit us to keep him and tie him down to a new deal.

But, you cannot keep a player who doesn’t want to be at the club and the fact he hasn’t signed a contract and his overall manner and body language suggests to me that he isn’t very happy with the way the club is being run and the lack of competitiveness within the squad.

I for one am very torn on the whole situation. On the one hand, I would absolutely love for Eriksen to sign a new deal, and for us to bring in some more talent which pushes every starter in the team to perform week in week out.

On the other hand, he has come out and said he’s open to a move and not only is that disrespectful to us as fans, but also to the players and Pochettino. Also, if I believed Daniel Levy would back Poch to bring in adequate replacements who would love to be at the club, then I would be happy for a freshen up in the squad. I just don’t see Levy making the right decisions with transfers which is the main problem.

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  1. Maybe LML (Last Minute Levy) will actually get someone new by the close of the window. I think the whole transfer window needs rethinking especially as other windows close later on. This last minute stuff is getting out of hand.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, we should most definitely sell the fair weather Danish prick but not to Manchester United as their arse licking press are trying to force down everyone’s throats. As for paying him in excess of £200K per week to swan around like some Prima Donna you have got to be off your fucking head. He’s no Modric or VDV not by a long shot.

  3. get rid asap trouble is levys arrogance lack of spending will mean the same as every levy thinks its clever to mess clubs around with how much we will spend for a player when it comes to own he is a greedy bastard we wonymt buy anyone else clubs wont be mucked about by him anymore wont blame poch if wants to leave no anbition at this club only profits for enic

  4. The real thing here is if other players were to follow in eriksens shoes and refuse to sign new contracts then it would have far reaching affects on football. While I agree DL trying to squeeze every penny out of every new players price is very frustrating to our fans the eriksen saga proves what could happen if as some fans call for to just pay the price when buying players. If we payed £88 million for le celso and in five years time he refused to sign a new contract we would have a large problem. If every player we bought did this we would go bust. There has to be a balancing of the books however we need to also improve the squad to a better standard. I don’t believe paying players 300k a week does this just look at that x arsenal player at united Sanchez to see what putting players on silly money does or even Gareth bale although his problems stem from injuries. We need to try to promote better young players to our squad and try to give them game time to make us stronger. We have bought quality before from abroad and as we have seen it does not always work out.

  5. Eriksen is undoubtedly a good player but for a lot of last season was not what he should be. Its all very well spouting his stats but against what teams were his stats the best. When it comes to the big games he just doesn’t seem to turn up, so great stats coming from playing against lower teams in the league don’t make the best of reading. I would sell him asap as he obviously doesn’t want to be here no more and his head has been turned. If not sorted by Thursday then he gets pre contract with foreign clubs in January and goes for free at the end of the season. Levy needs to decide and do one or the other and not leave it till the last minute. If Levy cocks up this time then Poch will be off at the end of the season, or before if either of OGS or Zidane get the sack.

  6. There must be a new salary scheme for players who are about to run out their contract.
    Salary offered must be new salary + sign on bonus (perhaps to be paid over a number of years) as a thank you for not leaving as a free agent.
    Otherwise, the club has the benefit of pocketing the fee to bringing on a new player when it is the loyal player who should be rewarded. The loyal player is taken for a ride.


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