Sherwood in fear of Christian Eriksen departure

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood is ‘fearful’ that Christian Eriksen will be a transfer target for other clubs this summer.

The Dane has been one of the few bright points of a disappointing season at Spurs and after losing Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, Sherwood is concerned that Eriksen could be next out of the door.

It’s baffling why Sherwood would once again come out and publically speak of highlighting the fact that another star could depart the Lane.  We have seen the damage which has been done following Bale’s departure, otherwise we may as just well resign ourselves to be a feeder club to those who have larger ambitions of Champions League football.

“You are always fearful that someone might come and take one of your best players and Christian is certainly one,” Sherwood told reporters.

Sherwood claims he first spotted the playmaker’s talent when he was 18 and playing for his country against England.

He added: “I watched him for Denmark in 2011 and I rang Daniel Levy the day after and said that he needed to sign this boy.

“I don’t think he was available [at the time]. I think he wanted to continue his education at Ajax and that is what happened.

“And perhaps Daniel didn’t follow up on it as he does not follow up on every player I tell him, as there are probably too many.

“He had a year left at Ajax. He has been great acquisition for the club and they have done well to bring him in.”

“He is out there every single day,” he added. “I always say to the guys, ‘Andy Murray doesn’t just go out there and hit cross-court winners when game day comes’.

“You need to practice it as if you don’t practice it why do you expect to do it on the big stage when the pressure is on.

“Christian doesn’t see the pressure, doesn’t feel the pressure, as it is embedded in him as he works so hard on it every day.

“He has just turned 22 but has the head of a 35-year-old. He knows when to speed it up and slow it down.”


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  1. Why bother feeding the media BS…. Again!

    Just get on with building and keeping a good core squad over the next couple of seasons. Decide on the coach we want to lead that squad and then back those decisions for the long term!

    Daft I know .., who would do that Check out the most consistent teams over the past 10- 15 years !

  2. Situations like these were ALWAYS going to arise, the minute reports leaked from the club that Spurs were NOT going to be keeping Tim on next season.

    The players who aren't in the team will have the knives ready, and Sherwood, who has proven emotional, was always LIKELY to press the self-destruct, or self-preservation, (which ever way you want to look at it) button. After all, he has NOTHING left to lose, with his first job on the BIG stage looking destined to end in the sack…So, what better way to ensure your, potential, future employers don't pre-judge your credentials as a manager, than BLAME EVERYTHING BUT YOURSELF…

    All of a sudden the players aren't good enough, the club should never have sold Bale/Modric and the media speculation has been having a destabilising affect.

    Well, whilst all of these things MAY be true, we didn't hear about any of them when Sherwood was racking up the wins in the EPL at the beginning of his tenure. What happened to the 'I know the score' attitude' or the 'I will be judged on results' talk????? Wasn't Tim the one who OPENLY claimed he turned down Levy's offer of new signings in Jan because he had a 'squad full of international quality players' who he vowed to 'get the best out of'?????

    All of a sudden, because he hasn't been able to achieve that feat, on the whole, the players aren't good enough and talk of Gareth Bale resurfaces….It all sounds like a not so clever attempt at deflecting the attention away from your own shortcomings, if you ask me.

    I fully EXPECT Tim to attempt to continue to rock the boat given half a chance, and his comments regarding Eriksen is just further evidence of this. We all know Sherwood says what he likes, and given the bitterness/sour grapes the Englishman is UNDERSTANDABLY bound to feel after being seen as a stop-gap coach, there is every reason to believe Sherwood is just getting started when it comes to speaking his mind/ sticking the boot in.

    Look, I am a fan of Tim's, and believe he has PLENTY of potential as a manager, but he has a LOT to learn, and achieve, BEFORE he can (realistically look to) start passing buck without people like me seeing straight through it.

    Sherwood began losing his marbles a while back, in all truth,…the LEAST he can do now, is (attempt) to keep hold of his DIGNITY…

    • agree to a point, I think Sherwood is basically stating what most Spurs fans with any common sense know deep down, under ENIC we will never compete with the best teams and our best players will always be poached, ENIC need to do something they have never done and match the big boys if we have a so called billionaire at the helm or sell up. come on let us be sensible to us it is our blood to the players it is their job, and I would go anywhere to treble a weekly wage wouldn't you ? compete or go.. sherwood is not speaking out of turn he is being honest.

      • Spurs have gotten this far with Levy/Enic at the helm, and I FIRMLY believe that the CURRENT chairman is the man to help take the club on further.
        As long as Levy is calling the shots, Spurs will remain a PROGRESSIVE, FORWARD-THINKING and COMPETITIVE club that lives within it's means. Spurs CAN'T match the likes of City, Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal in financial terms, not because the club can't afford those types of wages over the short-term, but because it is NEAR impossible to sustain that kind of spending (considering the size of the current stadium, and lack of REGULAR CL football) without putting the club at risk!!! To attempt to sponsor such a cause would be FOOLHARDY and IRRESPONSIBLE, given the circumstances.

        What Spurs MUST do is continue to spend shrewdly, buying quality players, and make sure the club appoints the right kind of manager, who possess a CLEAR PHILOSOPHY (which matches the Tottenham Hotspurs' history and traditions regarding playing style/mentality) to lead the club.

        Big spending guarantees NOTHING, as Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Man City could all testify to this season…How much did Liverpool, or indeed Everton, spend in comparison to the teams mentioned before….and I think it's fair to say that both Mersey-side clubs are enjoying their best campaigns for some time.

        It is my FIRM belief that Spurs possess a FAR superior group of players than both Liverpool, and Everton (overall) individually, but what Spurs have lacked this season is a manager who is capable of building, and inspiring, a TEAM from the components at their disposal.

        Some of the team selections, tactics and systems deployed this season, from BOTH of our managers, have been laughable (at best). Until that changes, and Spurs are given a CLEAR IDENTITY, CONSISTENCY IN SELECTION and basic TEAM BALANCE to the side, the team will continue to standstill.

        Levy/ Enic can't ALWAYS be (only ones) to blame for the results/performances on the pitch. It's about time that those picking the teams, and those entering the field of play, are held accountable.

        • Disagree entirely, but that is what Football is all about, sooner have a Naismith all day long than a Paulinho, you can't put a price on a man who works his nuts off week in week out, Sandro is another fans favourite who is a liability, by your own admission you have just said we can't match the top 4 in spending so it is time ENIC moved on, or are we supposed to be settling for 5th , 6th 7th ? because surely Daniel Levy doesn't think Rose is better than Baines ? Lennon better than Sterling ? come on look at things sensibly, Eriksen is the new god !!!!! he wouldn't have got in our side with Modric, Bale and Van der Vaart about, we are going nowhere fast and even southampton are starting to catch the eye as a more progressive club than Spurs.. ENIC must go !!!

  3. I see United are getting rid of Moyes, I wonder who said on here that LVG will go to United and Eriksen will end up there.. my god I hate being right all the time !

  4. It's quite simple: keep useless Sherwood on until the end of season to annoy all our best players and lose every match. Giggs' United go on a winning run and snatch a Europa League place, United fans clamour for Giggs to get the job long term and win. Then we get van Gaal and avoid Thursday nights in Azerbaijan. It could turn out well for Spurs still.


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