City on verge of Dzeko deal – Reports


Reports in Germany are claiming that Manchester City are set to sign Edin Dzeko for a Bundesliga transfer record.

Yesterday, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp mentioned the Bosnian in his post-match interview and was wary of his transfer valuation. However, moneybags City look likely to pay around £34million for the 24-year-old.

The Wolfsburger Allgemeine newspaper quotes Mancini saying: “We have the chance to win the league this year and the decisive factor could be Edin Dzeko.

“This player can decide titles and that is why we want him.”

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  1. If this is true, I wish City well in acquiring his services. However, if this is the kind of number that City flashes to woo players & expect to win silver, then the approach will not be workable. We have seen this with Chelsea & Man U where big names just dwindle & finish off bench warming.

  2. Well if he had any class he wouldn’t want to go to Citeh, by he obviously wants the money so let the greedy cunt go sit on the bench and moan with the rest of the over paid, over hyped players at Citeh. And by the way, will the finacial fair play rules not apply to city then? How will they be able to balance there books when most of there players are £100k a week wages well into to the 2012 season when it gets inforced?

  3. Liam mate, I am glad that someone else is asking this question. It is almost like Citeh do not know, or are expecting to get a legal team out to fight the upcoming legislation. I think the rules restrict teams to spending 60-70% of turnover on wages – which in itself is very high – but that’s football. Spurs are on the money. Citeh are doubling their revenue on players’ wages. How much have they spent on forwards? Balotelli 24m. Tevez ??? prob 20-30m. Jo 18m. Santa Cruz 17.5m. Adebayor 25m. This is absolutely crazy as they have only getting their money’s worth from Tevez, and it is too early to call for Balotelli given his volatile nature. Dzeko…don’t do it mate! Especially since they can only realistically play one or two of Tevez/Balotelli/Dzeko – that lineup is not maintainable.

  4. Citeh are a joke football club – i call them the imposters and look forward to the new rules kicking in that liam mentioned.

    Maybe they plan to offer UEFA £500m to let them compete in europe despite breaking every financial rule both written and unwritten – they really are becoming the biggest c*nts in world football and everyone hates them.

    Sad sad little football club they are

  5. Let him go to Citeh and I hope it implodes there. What kind of idiot buys all those egos for every position and expects to keep the peace? And what kind of player wants to go there knowing there’s more than a good possibility that they could be on the bench for ages if another player in their given position is in sparkling form. What kind of manager is going to rest a player in sparkling form just to please another player and his agents whining? No let him go to Citeh and see how long before the bitching starts and all the toys come out the pram. Not many would want to be a premiership manager but least of all Man City. Let’s see how long before the owners of city realise that you don’t have to have superstars for every position twice over to be successful and you don’t no shouldn’t be shelling all that money to lure them because where else are they going to go after life at city? The wages are huge but so is the pay cut when it’s time to leave and seek another more rewarding challenge say football over gold digging. And like Liam so rightly pointed out the legislation which comes into force next year is going to cripple them anyway. Stupid Citeh. They may have money like sand on a Dubai beach but they have no sense and they certainly don’t have the unity and willingness to graft hard for each other. Spoilt primmadonna’s ( not all ) are what is going to totally frig it up at Citeh. And anyway my gran always used to say ” too much of one thing never good for nobody”, Lillywhitetilidie (great win last night well done the boys shame about Kaboul and we kept a clean sheet) COYS.

  6. The way Citeh and every other club with wealthy owners will get round the UEFA ruling is obvious. They will get their other companies to ‘pay’ these clubs vast amounts to advertise their companies on the clubs websites etc, thus the money for these ridiculous fees and wages will be ‘legitimately’ gained. It will be a pointless rule that will change nothing.

  7. Man City are run by people who are interested in one thing……MONEY.

    Their players are interested in one thing….MONEY.

    Manchester City will eventually be banned from competing in the Champions League, because they have ignored all the financial restrictions. As a result the Arabs will pull out of the club because they will realise that apart from the odd piece of domestic silverware they won't be able to buy their way into Europe.

    Then City will go into financial meltdown and sink two or more divisions. The City supporters will understandably be gutted, Tevez, Cook, Marwood etc will have their millions and will be happy as punch. They won't care one bit about the demise of City.

    It's the same as what the bankers did to the world economy but on a small scale. That's to say cripple the economy in order to make a quick buck and screw the consequences.

    Unfortunately we'll have to put up with Man City competing for the league for a few seasons, but it won't be the end of football.

    Ultimately it's in UEFA's interests to keep European football competitive. People have criticized them for being anti-English. I believe that they are simply trying to keep things fair and competitive and we should support them in that.


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