The Times are are reporting that  the club have officially condemned a banner allegedly displayed by some of our supporters referring to Chelsea defender Marcos Alonso’s involvement in a car crash that resulted in the death of a young woman.

Spurs denounced the sick banner as being in “extremely poor taste” and will now investigate in order to find out who the two people are that were pictured on twitter holding it outside what appears to be Huddersfield Town’s stadium on Saturday.

It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing either and appears well thought out as the Spaniards name was written at the top of a specially-made sheet with an image of a car, an international no drinking sign and a message.

In 2011, the then 20 year-old Alonso,who was Bolton Wanderers player at the time,was involved in a car crash in Madrid that resulted in the tragic death of a 19-year-old young woman.

He was charged with being over the legal alcohol limit and also for speeding. The defender faced up to four years in prison but instead was fined €61,000 by the Spanish authorities and banned from driving for just over three years.

According to the report the powers that be at Spurs have said that they are keen to find out the identity of the banner’s owners and may well take action against whomever is responsible which may result in ban on them attending home matches.

The banner is of course not illegal, but the club consider it to be unpleasant and not something with which they want to be associated.

The terms and conditions with tickets could well allow Spurs to prevent the banner’s creators/owners from entering the future home games.

A spokesperson for the club said: “This banner is clearly in extremely poor taste and we are investigating the matter,” “If found to be a Spurs fan, they will be dealt with accordingly.”

The article says it was not displayed at any time inside the John Smith’s Stadium and the authorities from Huddersfield Town said that they did not come across any such item from supporters during the game on Saturday.

The person who posted the picture on Twitter has since removed the image but not before the post drew heavy criticism from Chelsea fans as well as our own. I personally saw the tweet and the guy who posted it with a smiley emoji was unrepentant when challenged.

The article questions why Alonso was targeted on Saturday given that he has not apparently said anything untoward about Tottenham. He did score twice in Chelsea’s 2-1 victory against us earlier this season and played for Fiorentina against us a few years ago in the Europa League but that’s it.

The piece goes on to say that some Spanish people are split over the case with some saying Alonso should have got a second chance and those unhappy with his punishment saying he shouldn’t.

While he was initially arrested after the crash in May 2011, the final sentencing did not take place until February 2016.

Alonso was driving his grandfather’s BMW when he hit a wall in an area of Madrid close to Real’s Bernabeu Stadium.

His passenger, one of four in the car,suffered serious head injuries and died shortly after she arrived at hospital. Alonso’s brother, Miguel, broke three ribs and Jaime Navarro, the former Kettering Town midfielder , broke his collarbone.

It’s definitely something we don’t like to see. Banter is part of the game but this sort of thing is a step to far and hopefully whomever created it will be found and dealt with accordingly

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