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Joe Cole is reported to be near to joining Tottenham Hotspur after becoming frustrated by the lack of progress in talks over a new deal at Chelsea.

The Sunday Mirror and News of the World are both reporting that the England midfielder is ready to link up once again with Harry Redknapp.

Cole is said to be ready to snub Chelsea’s take-it-or-leave-it deal worth in the region of £100,000 per week.  The News of the World claims that Spurs are able to offer similar terms, as they would not have to pay a transfer fee.

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  1. I think Harry will play 5 in midfield in alot of games next season so i think cole would be good in a position just behind the lone striker especially if eidur is not coming back and keane goes

  2. Cole would fit in very well, put him on the left and bring back bale to left back which is his natural position, push modric inside COYS

    • Bale at Left back?, obviously you were on Mars when we played Utd, Bale is many seasons away from a classy left back, whereas when played left mid-field he's different class. Why bring in a player, disrupt the balance, and decrease the effectiveness just for changes sake? There are positions namely Centre-Half (Woody,King), that need immediate attention, Striker, and def-mid-fielders some a very close second, and Palacios's form concerned me greatly at the tailend, but because we got by, it appears un-noticed!

  3. Do we really need him? We already have Bale and Kranjcar who can play in that position and Modric can also fill that gap. Why not spend that money on a (proven) goalscoring central midfielder. Just my thoughts.

  4. Do we really need him? We already have Bale and Kranjcar who can play in that position and Modric can also fill that gap. Why not spend that money on a (proven) goalscoring central midfielder. Just my thoughts.

  5. The more quality players we can call upon to help break the Stokes,Wolves and Champions League games of this world the better,

  6. Mouthwatering prospect but as was pointed out by Foggy do we really need him as we already have a few players who play in that position. Do we really need him? Would he come? All kinda depends on what system Harry is going to run with next season and what kind of assurances he would give. I think all we can do is wait really see who the next signing is and who leaves get a more clear indication of what’s happening. Champions League you know boys and girls Champions League COYS. Lillywhitetilidie.

  7. do not like this if true then i can't see us signing turan, now that is the player i want see at the lane next year, if cole is not good enough for chelski then he is not good enough for us.

  8. i will be very happy if we complete the free signing of joe cole, simply because he will provide the composer in front of goal that we lack from the midfield. this will boost are chances of champions league succes, (well reaching the group stages)

  9. I can’t see this happening unless Arry convinces Levy to break wage structure even if he is on a free. This is potential team splitting issue- since Cole isn’t world class & not deserving of 100k. Let’s hope Levy stays strong. 100k pw wages should only be spent on World class striker who gives edge in the BIG games!

  10. I'm okay with getting Joe Cole, but to me personally not at the expense of Bentley, in my opinion Bentley provides a certain kind of quality that our other flair players don't…I still think for the better attacking teams for us to play with BAE at LB, but against more defensive minded teams, throw Bale at LB and open up another slot for an attack minded player….the only positions I think we need reinforcements are ST(Dzeko) and CAM(maybe Van dar Vaart?)…But, I would prefer Cole over either Bellamy or Benayoun who we've been linked with.

  11. I do not think Cole is of sufficient quality. Not sure where we'd play him. No pace, doesn't get in box and score goals. Just stick to Stephen Ireland – tackles, makes goals and scores them.

  12. Good calls about Ireland and Bentley, don't forget we've got Kranjcar to come back, and to push Bale into an orthodox LB position will be taking away our most effective player. I like Cole but really do we need him, and where do we play him?. Bellamy is another I admire, but feel disharmony in the ranks with personality and a break in wage structure will unstabilise the team ethic that's been vastly improved of late

  13. Agree 100% with essexian. Moving Bale back to left back seems nonsensical to me. He's much more effective going forward than he is going back and the lad can put the ball wherever he likes – his delivery is fantastic. He provides width we've been lacking on the left flank for a while; Malbranque, Modric and the possibly-incoming Turan were/are all known to come inside. Bale gives us another dimension.

    I agree about Palacios losing a little bit of form too but that's common at the tail-end of the season. I don't think it's anything to worry about.

    A clinical striker should be #1 on our list. All the elite clubs have their spearhead and Defoe isn't dependable enough. A right back that's comfortable on the ball (Darijo Srna? Rafinha?) and reinforcements at left back and centreback should also be considered.

    All in my humble, unqualified opinion, of course.

  14. I cant understand why anyone would want Bale re-instated at left-back. Did you see the end of our season?!! Joe Cole would be a great signing but I bet I know who defenders are more afraid of!

  15. Lennon, Bentley, Huddlestone, Palacios, Modric, Kranjcar, JJ, O’Hara, Rose & Livermore. Thats 10 midfielders not including Sandro. It will be madness to bring Cole in even on a free transfer.

  16. Cole is fine,but I'm worried that this might trigger the issue of a certain Mr. Modric which would be the real reason for Chelsea's letting Cole go. Please don't make it happen!

  17. Cole is being acquired as back-up for Bale…Modric wont get sold in return, else they'll be trouble from the Lane.


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