Cole to have Spurs medical this week?


Tottenham are ready to offer Joe Cole a way out of his disastrous move to Liverpool last summer.

Cole was heavily linked with a move to Spurs during his time at Chelsea but decided to move to Anfield under Roy Hodgson.

According to the Daily Mail, Spurs will give him a full medical assessment this week before completing a £3million deal.  Cole made 32 appearances last season, but 13 of them came from the bench and there were only nine league starts among them.

Cole’s move could pave the way for Luka Modric to make a £28million switch to Manchester United.

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  1. FFS dont want arrys rejects he will leave us with a pile of crap!!!!!!!!!!

    other players will leave cole,parker wat next back in for campball mugs the lot of u if we put up with this

    call your self a spursweb promoting modric to mancs

    u ar an arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why do we need him unless where going to sell steven pienniar back to ajax ? The board must be totally crazy to sell luca modric to The manu scumcester utd for 28 million ? we would never win the premiership or regain 4th without him ? best creative player in the last 20 years othere than hoddle?

  3. Cole not needed ,not wanted,did,nt want to come last year on a free but now its not worked suddenly he wants to come to Spurs and cost us 3 million.Then we have Parker had a number of chances to come to Spurs and was,nt interested then when the Hammers are dumped out of Prem league is suddenly interested.These players are users and should not be even considered.There are players as we found with Sandro to be got and do we need another midfielder,its because of too many midfielders that we may lose Krancjar which is a real shame.Finally what about some new strikers and some defensive cover.So i for one am really pissed off that we are even thinking of Joe Cole and i hope that there is no question of selling our best players like Modric,VDV,Bale,Sandro etc.We are having trouble unloading some of the fringe players now so dont lumber us with Cole.

  4. Lighten the fuck up boys and have faith in Harry, he can get the best out of him. cole is not needed but great deal for three mil. And for a England international. Not even a fan of him, never was, but come on, grow up.

  5. 2 years ago he would have been a great deal for 3mil but def a bad one when he could have come last season for free. He cant take modric place, he is unneeded.


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