Cole wage demands affecting Spurs chance


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The Daily Star are reporting that Tottenham have told Joe Cole to lower his wage demands.

The Chelsea midfielder is out of contract in the summer and is expected to leave Stamford Bridge on a free transfer.

Cole is said to be demanding £100,000 a week, which is around £40,000 over Tottenham’s wage structure.

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  1. Take heed of your supporters comments dear Harry. Cole , with a record of past injuries cannot dictate to wage demands. Let this one go Harry – I cannot see him perform for us as a patriot.

  2. Bossman rule has given too much power to player & if reports are right Cole is stitching up Chelski, just like Gallas 4 Ar5ena1- 100K pw & break wage structure might be worth it from Arry- but thank heavens we have a decent Chairman- who in all our crazy buying has in place a sensible wage structure- that hasn't bank rolled us. And in view of new stadium it is unlikely to change regardless of CL place. Whoever we buy: Dzeko, Huntelaar, Turan- then they must be only on 70-80K max.

  3. If Arry was so desperate to sign him wouldnt he just offer him a very large signing on fee and lower wages as a result?

  4. Forget it and move on, he wont really add anything to us, his wages could make a problem for the board with other players demanding more. His presence may unbalance the team structure, and at that sort of money we'd have to play him, but can anyone tell me where?

  5. given its a free transfer im sure we could structure the deal so he gets £70k a week plus say a £5m signing on fee which will take his wages over a 3 year period to £100k+. If harry wants him enough he will make it happen.

  6. Just not sure about this one. Cole hasn't been at his best for some time know claiming injury and not enough full starts for Chelski as his excuses. They are valid excuses but I can't see it being all that different with us. Where does he play, the right and left side are taken, unless for injuries and the only other position I can think of is in the hole behind the main striker in a 4-5-1. If Arry can get him back to his best he may be worth a punt and if it doesn't, we can sell him on and make a few bob. Nice

  7. Why this Cole just rock on up to Spurs and earn more than any of the heroes that toiled to keep us in the top four all season pocketing 5mil in the process? It's an insult to the squad. If he wants to join I'll welcome him but he needs to take a reality check. If his arrival will unsettle our key players already in place then move on.


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