Another Comolli signing departs Spurs


Tottenham Hotspur youngster Yuri Berchiche has joined Real Valladolid on a free transfer.

The left-back moved to White Hart Lane from Athletic Bilbao in June 2007 but failed to make the grade.

He was brought to the club by former Sporting Director Damien Comolli after he had followed him for two seasons, but sadly it wasn’t to be. 

Especially with Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Gareth Bale who can operate in his position, it’s always going to be tough for any youngster to break through.

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  1. you will not hear a peep from commolli as another of his wondrous signings bites the dust.arsenal didnt renew his contract.spurs thru him out.what a success.

  2. Shame, the boy obviously had enough talent to be selected by Comolli in the 1st place but another one that has failed to flourish under Spurs youth system, plenty of others leave and make the grade, I am sure that this boy will do well eventually.

  3. we should send a couple of heavies round to break that cnt Commollis fakkin legs!!! Another waste of yid dosh by that useless fakkin retard!!! If hes got a plasma tv then nick it for me……as for the talentles cnt Yuri Whassisname good riddance to the farkin dipstick! Hope we wasnt paying him too much….cant we send him off with a serious back, knee or groin problem?? Ill fakkin do it no problem, a bit o baseball batting the cnt around for an hour for being no fakkin good should teach the cnt a lesson!! And then get that cnt Wayne Gooney for some sick table treatment!! I fukkin hate overpaid bald slagfukkin ugly cnt scouse shitpants married to dirty scouse bitch footballers. #:)

    • Message to this halfwit-
      If you are a true Yidd – and to be honest, I don't think you are.
      This guys came for peanuts, and if you look at DC record – how much did we make of Berbatov, how good value was Modric and now, he was right about Bale.
      Go back to Woolwich where you can from!

      • Commoli didn't have any special insight into any of those 3 players. We were in contention with Man U (and others) for Baleand Gareth deliberately chose us over them. Berbatov was well known as being a good 'un in german league. Difference was we paid for him while others hesitated (to be fair if that decison to go for it was truly Commoli's then fair play but not sure it was). Modric was already a star and the Goons looking at him amongst others (but Wanger was looking for athletic Africans at the time and didn't think hewould cut it in the the hurly burly of premier). I could have done that job. Where are the truly clever signings of real unknowns that mark out a 'special' DoF ?

  4. errrr thi article i totally wrong, he joined valviody on loan a few years ago and made 1 appearance
    In the 2010 summer, aged 20, Berchiche was released by Tottenham, signing a two-year contract with Real Unión, in the Spanish third division.
    look at wiki

  5. We've got one coming through who could be a real star for us on the left, Thomas Carroll, saw him three times in pre season, outstanding, you heard it here first.

  6. I’d really like to see a sober assessment of Damien Commolli’s legacy? How bad or good were his recruits really? I personally can’t always remember whether he or Frank Arnesen brought a particular player in.


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