Contractor reveals exactly why Tottenham’s stadium is so delayed

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As I’m sure you’re tired of reading by now, Tottenham announced last week that their brand new 62,000 seat stadium is to be delayed past the original grand opening date against Liverpool.

Fixtures for the foreseeable future have been moved to Wembley, where Tottenham look set to play for the second season running.

Some rumours have even thrown up February 2019 as a potential new opening date, if believed, leaving Spurs at the national stadium for another six months.

The Stadium contractors, a firm by the name of Mace, have finally broken their silence on exactly what is behind the extreme delays.

Until now, the Tottenham fans had only been told that it was an issue with the critical safety systems.

Chief executive Mark Reynolds has now revealed that the delays are down to problems discovered in the wiring for fire detection systems during testing.

Reynolds said: “Issues with critical safety systems were identified. This is linked to the fire detection contractor encountering higher than usual electrical wiring faults.

“Many of the outstanding external elements of the build are cosmetic and are not required for the stadium to open for the first football game.

“Follow up meetings continue to take place with trade contractors where the situation and planned timetable are being reviewed to rectify and re-test. We shall then be in a better position to outline the revised timetable for opening.

“[A cable net roof] requires all of the structure to be completed in order to begin.

“The roof was always scheduled as one of the last activities and is now due to be substantially complete at the end of August.”

This latest announcement goes some way to explain why a plea for ten electricians was posted on an online recruitment site in the past week.

A new opening date for the stadium has not been released to the public as of yet.

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  1. Tottenham have unfairly taken a lot of flack for the stadium’s delay and not being ready, not least with the moronic and ridiculous online petition clearly signed by unsporting and petty minded rival fans eager to see Spurs disadvantaged somehow, and most probably from some deep seated fear of their own teams shortcomings and the ‘indiginity’ of being eclipsed once again in the premier league rankings. These so called football fans are so desperate for bragging rights that they fail to understand the principle tenet to fair sporting competition as it should be, which is sad in itself. But these very same fan are usually the ones screaming for every decision to go in their teams favour, whilst denying any credibility to the opposition irrespective of how clear things are on the pitch. In those regards it you might just say ”you can lead a fan to Wembley, but you can’t make them think!” Irrespective of the fickle nature of closed minded supporters, it is abundantly obvious now that if blame is to me metered out then it would appear that the contractors and poor workmanship that must be held accountable, and not THFC and the necessary safety protocols which must be obeyed before the stadium is deemed fit for use.

  2. Not quite Levy,s fault after all . Too many fans jumped to this conclusion and the need to keep it quite that there may be delays to sell season tickets. It appears it was bang on schedule until Mace discovered the problem and have accepted responsibility . Don’t think we’re be hearing an apology from H H ( is he reallly a fan? ) on his negative blog which most are only aware of due to news now

  3. I keep reading how spurs fans are very angry at the delays, really ? For fans like me who are getting refunds on our season tickets we are actually saving money (my travel costs are no higher getting to Wembley). For the armchair fans it makes no difference, the TV picture is the same. So who exactly are all these angry Spurs fans ?


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