Contractors warn Spurs over stadium opening date claim reports

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have been warned that their new stadium may not be ready until March because of issues at the site.

According to the The Times, contractors who are working at the 62,062 seater capacity stadium have been given two different deadlines. One is for the visit of Manchester United on Saturday, January 13th and the other is for the North London derby when Arsenal visit on Saturday, March 2nd.

The report claims that the contractors believe that the Arsenal date is the most realistic of the two proposed dates due to continuing issues with the project.

Tottenham have already confirmed that the remainder of the matches this year will be held at Wembley Stadium, however, there are capacity issues that they must deal with.

The Wembley capacity for Spurs matches has also been capped at 51,000 following the game against Chelsea on Nov 24, although an application has been submitted to Brent Council to increase that to 62,000 – and potentially 90,000 for certain matches – if further fixtures are played there from late January.

Now that deadline has been extended indefinitely, with the stadium not expected to open until January 2019 at the earliest. The club say they will provide a further update on the stadium’s progress in December.

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  1. I live in Spain and renewed my club membership a, my grandson also renewed his as I had promised him that we would go to a match at the new ground but it’s looking like that is not going to happen this season

  2. This is starting to get embarrassing if a company the size of mace cannot get a job over the line there is something very wrong within the running of this company maybe unrealistic September opening but January should have been the one what I would like to know is where we’re the supervisors checking on the installation of the critical safety? I know there is always some problems on a build of this size but you cannot rely on any of mace predictions.

  3. Looks like WHL will not see PL football there this season! Levy should be sacked he has cost the club, financially, spurs reputation has fallen into disrespect and cost a lot of fans a lot of money, does he care NO he has failed so he must be sacked!! Nothing more than bad management of the process from start to finish!!
    I would really love to have the opportunity to discuss this with him and listens to his excuses

  4. This getting beyond a sick joke. Sack the contractors, and get the Chinese in. They could probably knock it off in a few weeks. Fucking ridiculous, and in any case the stadium should have been built a decade ago, Levy, you clown.


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