Corluka speaks on Flamini horror tackle


Vedran Corluka

Tottenham’s Vedran Corluka should be back in full training in a “few weeks”.

The Spurs defender had to be carried off in the 1-0 win against AC Milan on Tuesday night following a disgusting two footed challenge by Mathieu Flamini.

Corluka expects to be out for at least four weeks so is likely to miss the last-16 return leg on 9 March.

A club statement said: “Should he feel no ill effects, he should be back in full training in a few weeks.”

“Corluka will remain immobilised in a protective boot for the next four days after a scan determined that he had sprained part of his ankle joint capsule,” the statement continued.

“Following a clinical examination by a foot and ankle specialist, it has been recommended that Vedran make a gradual return to training, starting next week.”

Corluka told Croatian newspaper Sportske Novosti: “As expected, after the leg cooled everything looks uglier. It’s swollen and it really hurts me, even though the doctors assured me it isn’t so bad.

“Luckily, nothing is broken, but I will still be out for at least four weeks. When I first saw my ankle, I was sure it would be at least two months, but luckily it is not so bad.”

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  1. Mate of mine said if you look at the tackle again Flamini makes co0ntact6 with the ball before anything else. So I looked and its true. Still hate the prick though.

    • LMAO, are you for real? So if someone makes a fair challenge and then procedes to punch the guy in the face and stamp on his head then this will be acceptable because he makes contact with the ball before anything else? Fucking hell, does anybody know anything about football on this site?

    • Even so, this day and age you can't go in with both feet 12 inches off the ground like that and I can kinda understand why. Slight misjudgment and their leg is in more pieces than it should be!

  2. disgraceful tackle knew exactly what he was doing, scum anyway should have been sent off just pure frustration all round especially that idiot gattuso signed lee_spurs1

  3. you dont you fuckiing wank tes. look at the tackle again, why do you think the ref let that prick stay on the wern't even at the game i spose , watched it all on fuckin telly, some fan-

  4. gattuso to be honest had a great game, if he'd have been playing for us we'd have beat em even more
    .don't let the gutter press create your opinions, the sun and the mail write shit for morons who believe em.
    by the way about a month before trhe game milan honoured one of our own who was taken from his anonymous grave and reinterred in the vip monumental cemetery in milan, this was herbert kilpin the founder of milan.
    jordan must also have really pissed gattuso off as well as ringhio has a good record but that doesn't excuse nutting an oap.


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