Could Spurs be set for a long stay at Wembley?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham are set to move their Premier League clash against Manchester City on 29 October to Wembley Stadium, according to The Daily Mail.

As we now all know, Spurs were set to play Liverpool in their new stadium next month but due to health and safety issues the opening date was set back.

The stadium delay meant fixtures against Liverpool and Cardiff City would now be played at the national stadium.

In addition, Tottenham’s first Champions League group stage home game will also be played at Wembley following an agreement being made with UEFA.

The news of a prolonged stay at Wembley did not settle well with the Tottenham faithful.

Many were upset following paying for a season ticket for the new stadium but having to attend Wembley instead.

Yesterday we released a potential hint the stadium may not be ready until 2019 after a major contractor advertised for a six-month role on the site. 

A further delay surely would not go down well with the supporters.

Spurs fans, how would you feel about a longer stay at Wembley?

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  1. At the bottom of it all can anyone in proper authority tell the supporters who and what is to blame for this mess and what action is going to be taken against those who have caused this delay , stop guessing how long its going to take to walk through the gates of our new stadium just give us an honest date as to when we will cheer on Spurs in our first match , the longer it takes the season ticket holders must be entitled to a return of a certain amount of cash .

  2. Anyone with any experience of large scale construction projects will tell you that this is what happens. It was always a hugely ambitious timescale for such a complex build and great credit to the Board to go for it. There will have been brinkmanship from all the contractors for who was going to crack first and I’m not surprised it was the safety end that blinked first. Now, all the contractors will be trying to get some more time, while trying not to look like they’re doing anything other than re-planning to the new dates – this is normal. Personally, I’ve no problem playing at Wembley for longer, but I appreciate it’s a difficult journey for some fans. There will be penalty payments in place for contractors. It’s important to remember that these stadia are there for typically 4 or 5 generations (Arsenal for example are stuck with their old design for the lifetimes of their current fans, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren etc,) and Spurs Board are making sure that every component is leading edge – for our benefit. I’d sooner move in when it’s pretty much pristine.


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