Could this be a hint that Spurs won’t play at their new stadium this season?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As the entire footballing world is aware, Tottenham made an announcement last week stating that their brand new 62,000 seat stadium would not be ready for it’s planned grand opening against Liverpool.

This fixture on September 15, along with multiple others in the foreseeable future has been moved to Wembley, Tottenham’s home of last season.

The construction company behind the delays, Mace, made a statement yesterday, explaining that the delays stemmed from faults in the wiring for the fire safety systems.

No date was given as to a new grand opening, but rumours of a February 2019 finish has been circulating.

This morning, an update out of PaddyPower could hint that Spurs may not play in the new stadium at all this season.

The famous bookies has suspended betting on Spurs to do just that, as a flurry of bets came in at 25/1 today.

When betting sites suspend betting on a transfer rumour, it can usually indicate that either a hell of a lot of people bet on it, or it’s pretty nailed on to happen. These sites do their research after all.

Could this be the latest hint of further delays? And should Tottenham just write off this season in regards to their new stadium, would it be less unsettling for the squad to play at one ground, Wembley? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. IF the new stadium is not ready, and I mean perfectly ready, then I hope Mr Levy and indeed the entire Playing and Coaching staff use the situation and maximise the benefits and opportunities the delay presents. Using, playing at Wembley for an extended period should be welcomed rather than allowing negative thoughts to fester. Likewise, I am sure the Construction Companies involved are the ones really running scarred. Assuming of course that our beloved Daniel Levy has ensured the usual penalty delay clauses have been agreed, signed for within the given construction contracts. If so, then plenty of “kick back” funds should soon be returning to the Tottenham Hotspur funds. You never know, he, Mr Levy, might just sign off most of these funds to adequately fund a transfer budget to support a Football Team striving to maximise its potential. By that I suggest a real attempt to first win the Premier League, then second lets just dream. OR if not forthcoming, surely the club had afford to discount our loyal fans, season ticket holders, members junior right through to seniors. Come on Mr Levy do your job, please both LEAD and REWARD the faithful.

  2. I actually wonder if it would good to play half a season in each stadium.
    If we are having a good season we could carry the form home but if we are having a bad season the move could help to motivate the players….. it could the exact reverse though.
    As long as it’s safe I’m not too bothered.


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