Crouch admits Spurs missed chance to pull away from Liverpool


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Peter Crouch admits Spurs missed an opportunity to pull away from Liverpool earlier in the season.

Liverpool are now one point ahead of Spurs and occupy the fourth Champions League spot in the Premier League.

“There was an opportunity earlier in the season,” said Crouch.

“We had a couple of draws and it was frustrating we couldn’t pull away more. But I still feel we have enough ability. You look around the dressing room at the players who aren’t playing and there is so much quality here. I still believe we have a real opportunity.”

“The previous seasons don’t lie,” Crouch said about Liverpool.

“They have always been in the Champions League. They had a blip at the start of the season and people said other people can get in there but if I’m honest if you want to get in the Champions League then Liverpool will be the toughest side to displace.

“We have to make sure we are in there and in a position to do that.”

“You think one team is cementing the fourth spot, then they lose and another team wins,” Crouch said.

“It’s going to be really tight until the end of the season, we have to make sure we are close enough right to the end.

“I believe we have enough. The manager strengthened in January with a couple of signings to add to the squad and I think we have enough ability. We have a big squad with international players who can come in and play in different positions. I’m sure we will be strong enough.”

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  1. koko61 thats our player you are calling the reason Liverppol got rid of Crouch is he would disapear up is own Arse with the Energy shit .And here is a conundrum for you if Didia Drugba or Stair Crazy is so good how come EGYPT won the African cup the reason UK sport dont test for anything dodgy. I mention him because is Chelksi are also on the same shit has the Duracell’s Liverskint.Acellotis Training complex in Italy was called the Laboratory for a good reason and he was the manager when the first player got caught taking the new Steroid. This new drug gives you all the benefits without the bulk the only thing is you have the fame and fortune but you drop death in your thirty’s.I will Let you in to a secret why this shit has telltale signs on white players when they take there shirts of look for red blotches like john Terry oops sorry John i no you cheated on your wife but you also cheat on the field , and red faces and half of the neck this is because of the blood pressure rising crouch was to thin and would have dropped dead thtas why he could only play now and again at the REDS LOOK AT KUNT HE IS RAVAGED AND THE WORSE ONE IS SKELATON SKERTAL utd HAVE boo BOY Fletcher he has to be nursed and Everton peinar and Fellatio Fellini he said is weight loss is because he had a virus he cant cut his hair because he will have no head .The FA have put all this players weight loss down to an out break of worms

  2. Lilywhite…couldn’t agree more. The long ball tactic should be used as a last option if everything else fails. So bring on Crouch only if we need to play long balls. Our first few games this season was realy pleasing to watch, with the one touch passing and runs being made. It realy could breakdown defences. Pav has always been ahead of Crouch in my book.

  3. Davspurs for your sake I hope you have an extremely good lawyer it is much more difficult to prove slander than libel. The claims you are making are very bold and without any foundation. Knowing a thing and being able to prove it are two different things altogether tread very carefully fella. In response to the article yes for sure we could have done ourselves a favour by closing out games like Hull and Everton and Birmingham and not lose to Stoke and Wolves just those games mentioned is twelve points and I'm sorry but I am beginning to have my doubts about our Rodney I know our arry says he gives us another option but til now not seen too much evidence of that his first touch is not so great he doesn't hold the ball up particularly well playing the long ball to him doesn't suit our style of play and on more than few occasions he looks like a pissed up giraffe on ice skates. Ok that last comment was unkind and yes we win and lose as a team I just think we missing a trick by not starting with Pav (if he's fit) as opposed to head on a stick Crouch, then if we still looking a different dimension after say sixty five minutes then bring on Crouch seriously I would use him more of an impact sub rather than a starter. What do you think? Lillywhitetilidie.

  4. Agree with both LW & PS. Just can’t understand AT ALL why Pav has been used so little.
    I remember some Spurs fan once mentioned that it’s much better for Spurs being in the 5th or 6th position after 2/3 of the season to do the chase rather than being 3rd or 4th being chased. This is just the,may I say,slightly inferior underdog complex of the Spurs tradition,the exact opposite of Vince Lombardi’s “when the going gets tough,the tough gets going”.
    Maybe this fan was right. Now we are in 6th & not in the pressure cocker of 4th. Time to do the chase.


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