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Peter Crouch has spoken of his disappointment that his goal was chalked off in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final defeat to Portsmouth.

Spurs were trailing 1-0 in extra-time when referee Alan Wiley spotted an infringement on David James by Niko Kranjcar.

But Crouch is adamant that the goal was perfectly legitimate and that even David James knew it was a goal.

“You could even see Jamo’s face on the telly after the incident.

“He was laughing and that tells you the whole story. He knew it wasn’t a foul.”

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  1. He’s not nearly as disappointed as the thousands of spurs fans that knew it would turn out as it did the moment we all heard that that useless two metre plank was in the starting line up. He shouldn’t be bemoaning the disallowed goal. He had a hat full of chances to put the game to bed well before that moment.

  2. Did you watch the game stoney? Sure crouch didn't put away some of his chances but newsflash. NO-ONE DID. Wasn't our best performance and crouch was actually one of the few players who did well. How bad was defoe? And how long did it take pav to get a shot on target.
    Crouch may not be the worlds best but he put in more effort than most on the pitch and shoulda got that goal

    • I was sitting behind the spur’s goal at wembley you patronising little twerp. Where were you hey? I picked out crouch because it was him commenting in the article. Context. They were all useless on Sunday. Fuck off criticising me. You think crouch did well? Did you watch the game??? He missed chance after chance and you try and defend him. Shut up until you know what you’re talking about.

  3. We all know it wasn't a foul, it was a good goal, Nico Kranjcar had no idea James was coming out for the ball. James simply ran into traffic missing the ball and falling over in the process. The referee should not be officiating these games if he can't be relied upon to make the big call, not that this was a big call, it was cut and dry…. a goal.
    Lets face it though, Crouch couldn't hit a barn door from 2 yards, how many chances does he need and why the hell did he get the nod ahead of pav in the first place?

  4. i do like crouch but everytime he plays every attack consists of chipping the ball up to him for him to nod down and more often than not it doesnt work out, and i would never of taken deofe off for pavy, i would of taken crouch off or maybe bentley
    defoe may not of played well but all he needs is a half a yard and he can score, we needed that later on in the game

  5. The reason the majority of fans were unhappy with crouch, is because all the players were lobbing the ball up to him,and then either not scoring or not nodding the ball to Defoe or Pav,how can we say pav did not play well, when he did not get the service.,if he had 10% of the chances Mp3 had, we would have one by a mile .
    we need pav and Gudjohnson up front, if we are to have any chance against the goons, and if we loose this game, its time to give the youngsters a chance, as I dont think we will make 4th place, its time to get tough Harry.


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