Crouch writes off cup defeat as ‘blip’


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Peter Crouch is unfazed by Spurs poor performance and subsequent defeat against Manchester United on Tuesday, believing it to be no more than a blip.

Crouch came on as a substitute for Robbie Keane, was frustrated as two Darron Gibson goals denied Spurs the chance to potentially make three Carling Cup finals on the bounce.

“It was a bit of a strange game. We started really well in teh first half-hour and if we’d have scored first, it might have been a very different game.

“But they got the first goal and at Old Trafford it’s very hard to get back. it was disappointing.

“Everyone was frustrated with how it went, because it was the quarter-finals of the Carling Cup.

“We all wanted to progress and we have a good history in the competition that we wanted to continue.”

Crouch is insistent that it was a mere blip and that they must regroup to be ready for our next match, away to Everton on Sunday.

“We have done fantastically well so far this season. This was a disappointment and hopefully it’s a one-off.

“We now have to focus on the league and the FA Cup, starting with Everton on Sunday.”

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  1. This game worried me for two reasons Defoe and Lenonn where very lethargic and never looked like they playing to there maximum ability .This is what Berbatov did before he moved to OLD TRAGIC.Both Defoe and Lennon have not played well sin Lets hope notce the Wigan game and the Rumours of him moving to Barca keep poping up he has not scored in two games now and the Man utd fans are sayuing that Lennon is going to Utd and with Carrick praising him it makes you wonder.Will all this and Moderic Rumours be our downfall for a champions league spot when carrick left a sinking ship.All this would mean that the top four is a close shop and this January window makes this possible. All our are fringe players could make us sell a good players to our rivals and we should only loan them if we sell they can come back to haunt us like Bent and Boetang could do, Lets hope we make it and play some exciting Football

  2. davspurs….. if your right and lennon defoe modric or all three do leave then there really isnt much point in hoping for us to get into the champions league at all, we almost got there and could of done it again but carrick left that put us back, and then berbatov acted like a spoilt brat and screwed things up internally at the club and eventually left, so after they left it destroyed our chances. i know were nt supposed to be a one man or 2 man team but u see how we play when modric lennon and defoe are in the team and then u see how we play when their not. but i think its all just rumours.

  3. I endured the whole excruciating 90 minutes watching the MANURE game live and I thought we should have taken more shots on goal, it was useless having Keane and Defoe together, I thought Pav and Crouch should have started instead, and Kyle Naughton given a shot. Bale looked good actually, but perhaps he’s one we should let go – with him starting we just don’t win.

  4. you absolute pair of plonkers the barca thing was started by woodgate
    and not playing well one game doom and gloom do you 2 no anything about football


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