Cundy on why Pienaar picked Spurs over Chelsea


Jason Cundy has signalled the importance of Harry Redknapp in Steven Pienaar’s decision to pick Tottenham over Chelsea.

Cundy told the Hawksbee and Jacobs show on talkSPORT: “Times are changing and if you look back a few years ago then Tottenham wouldn’t have been able to compete with Chelsea.

“When you’ve got Champions League football to offer and you can attract some of the better players in the Premier League, then this is what happens.

“Once again you have to commend Harry on getting Spurs in a position to do that. People talk about breaking into the cartel and whilst Manchester City will get there through financial clout, Spurs have done it with pure hard work and having the guts to employ someone like Harry Redknapp who didn’t have Champions League experience. Sometimes it’s too easy to go around Europe and think ‘we’ll he’s got Champions League experience we’ll take him.’

“Tottenham have stuck by Harry and Harry has delivered the goods. He’s the reason why they can attract the lies of Pienaar.

“He [Pienaar] must be thinking about his longevity and where does he see his chances of winning silverware and clearly now Spurs are in that bracket. Chelsea now are on the cusp of not getting in to that top-four, and we know how important financially that is.

“I think Spurs will go a long way in this Champions League and maybe that’s something else that Pienaar will be thinking about.”

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  1. Spurs over Chelsea

    Maybe the future managerial uncertainty at Chelsea had a bearing on his decision. David Moyes appears to have a close relationship with his players, possibly in the same mould as Harry. Spurs are very similar to Everton ie great team spirit where Chelsea still appear to be a team of aging individuls Also fellow South African international Bongani Khumalo is also now at Spurs which may have swayed his decision.

  2. dont want him, dont need him! wheres he gonna play. what we need is a front man a poacher we need suarez! but looks like hes goin to liverscum

    • We do indeed a front man but I think Pienaar is a good buy. The way I think of it is; while watching a game is there a touch of fear when Pienaar is near goal when we play Everton, does JJ or the Sgt give you the same feeling?

  3. They used to come because they were likely to get a game at Spurs. Not quite sure those days are over, though it all sounds good, Jason! :-)

  4. i dont get it, will he improve us , i dont think do, we dont need him and have enough in midfield. we can have all the best midfield players in the wordl but we will never progress further when we have peter crouch up front. Can we start some on line petition or something to rid spurs from this horrendous mistake crouch , please.

  5. we have kranjcar,he is far more beeter then this guy,pienaar will be on the bench…but if he plays instead of niko harry gone mad!!! … we buy this average player and we will send our croatian superstar to our rivals…beautiful,just beautiful!!!…kranjcar win FA with portsmouth!!!! …and this guy is playing in everton which is much more better position and he didnt do anything…


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