Daily Star issues apology to Eidur Gudjohnsen


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The Daily Star has issued a public apology to Eidur Gudjohnsen after previously publishing a story that the striker had made an Hitler salute.

Gudjohnsen who spent the second half of last season on loan at Tottenham acted furiously to the report and has now received an apology.

A statement released by the Daily Star said: “On 4 May we published a story about Premiership footballer Eidur Gudjohnsen in which we questioned whether he was making a Nazi salute after he was photographed appearing to do so in a bar the previous evening.

“Mr Gudjognsen tells us, and we accept, that he was in fact acting out a rather rude joke in the company of his friends and that in making the gesture he intended no Nazi connotation whatsoever. 

“We are happy to set the record straight.”

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  1. I honestly don't know how any tabloid journalist can have any self respect. I honestly don't understand it. What a terrible way to live a life – playing on people's hopes, fears, insecurities and thirst for drama. I'd love to see a mass boycott of the red tops and a return to an era where there was appreciation of true journalism.

  2. Doesn't sound like much of an apology to me. In fact i don't read the word 'apologise' anywhere in there. All they say is they are happy to set the record straight – as if they are concerned about printing facts.

    From what i remember at the time the story broke, Eidur had been contacted by the star before they published it and he told them then what he had acted out. They proceeded to publish it anyway.
    If they didn't accept it then, why accept it now – legal proceedings perhaps?

    Anyway they didn't 'question' anything at the time – they stated as fact whatever they felt like stating.

  3. Agree with Karl that this was an insulting statement to Eidur from Daily Star. There's no apologies. Instead,the DS indicated that Eidur had to humbly explain his action for the "acceptance" by DS that this was OK & PARDONED!

  4. I see no apology nor contrition on the part of that odious little rag The Daily Star. Seems like a rather condescending statement implying that the burden of proof for "setting the record straight" for that newspaper's libellous insinuation lay with the injured party Eidur Gudjohnsen.

  5. So what if he did salute Hitler style.. wow and oop's I just did one, oh then another, now i'm doing the goose step… who cares? This is just a storm in a teacup in this modern paranoid world of our's, we should be more worried about important football things like who r we going to sign than this joke of a story…

  6. Isn’t it about time the media was made by a strong government to toe the line and not keep printing the lies that ruin peoples lives. They hide behind the freedom of the press, but that’s just their was of saying, we can do what we want and the public can do sweet F.A. About it.

  7. There should be a law that when a newspaper alleges something and apologises to retract the statement, then the apology should be on the same page and size as the original article. That would stop rags like this putting massize headlines saying 'blah blah Nazi salute' on the front page in massive letters unless there are 100% sure. Otherwise they would have to put 'We apologise' on the front page in massive letters. I hate it when they put a 3 centimetre apology on page 12.

  8. Our press has become the most right wing in the world for gutter news headlines . In the last couple of weeks they have nearly lost us the 2018 chance of getting the world cup . we all agree freedom of speech is priceless but loose tongues cost live's . After all Adam showed anyone can be tempted in a weak moment its in our nature Berbatov and Keane where a great partnership and both went for money and Glory and the rest is History.

  9. So to sum up ,it is agreed that the Daily star should only ever grace a hook in the outside toilet and be used to clean up ones arse after a good ruby murray.GLAD THATS SORTED OUT.


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