Daniel Levy admits he spied on workers at the new Spurs stadium

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has now admitted the he spied on workers at the new Spurs stadium site to ensure that high standards were maintained.

The stadium is set to open its doors for the very first time tonight for a senior competitive match, hosting over 62,000 supporters.

This comes after two and a half years of building, and six months worth of delays to the stadium.

Everyone knows that Daniel Levy is a tough businessman and a perfectionist when it comes to the projects he works on, but it may surprise some to know that he would pull up the live stadium feed in order to check on workers.

Levy says that he used to use his iPad to check the cameras around the stadium, zooming in on particular features and sending emails around asking why they were not yet complete.

He sounds like a nightmare to work for, but boy did he get the job done.

Levy said (Football London): “As a human being, I’m a perfectionist which is a problem perhaps for some of the people who have to work for me because perfection is very hard to come by.

“We had cameras on our website so we were able on the iPad to zoom in and take a snap and say, ‘Why isn’t that working? Why isn’t that done?’, we trained all the staff so every time we saw something we weren’t happy with there would be an email going round.

“Me and a lot of people around, we were really trying to push the envelope and then everyone else joined in. That is why we had a long snagging list.”

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