Daniel Levy needs to change the way he operates urges former Spur

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Daniel Levy has a reputation for being a hard nosed negotiator when it comes to holding transfer talks.

While there is no doubt that the chairman is shrewd and astute with his financial dealings, by taking such a vested interest in transfers he can sometimes, in my opinion, hamper and have the final say on who he recruited.

Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino has previously revealed that he does not have the final say on transfers at the club, insisting those decisions are made by chairman Daniel Levy (Sky Sports).

Former Spurs full-back Pascal Chimbonda believes that the club need to follow in the footsteps of Manchester City and Liverpool, who give Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp full decision making on which players are recruited.

Chimbonda believes that when it is not the manager making the decisions it can lead to uncertainty in the dressing room among the players on whether they are actually wanted at the club.

He told Sportingbet: “Man City and Liverpool are so successful because they give their managers full control over transfers and Tottenham have to do the same. The manager knows what’s best for the club and should have the final say on incoming and outgoing transfers.

“As a player you work with the manager, not the board. It doesn’t make sense if the manager doesn’t want you there or you don’t want to work underneath them. The only way to guarantee that is by giving the manager complete control.

“When you look at Liverpool and City’s team, every player wants to be there. There are no rifts in the changing rooms, or talks of any players falling out with the manager. A major factor for this is every player knows they’re wanted and part of the manager’s structure. If the manager wasn’t the main reason behind your signing, then there’s always that doubt that you don’t fit into the plan.”


The final decision on who is bought and sold should rest on the shoulders of Mauricio Pochettino and not Daniel Levy.

Levy’s priority is to firstly balance the books which is something we are likely to see with Christian Eriksen this summer – the Dane is in the last twelve months of his contract and will likely be sold if he does not sign a new deal.  

There is no way Levy would leave such a valuable asset to walk away for free.

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  1. I wonder if Pascal Chimbonda ever went to school, the guys a complete cunt. The manager chooses the players he wants, tells the chairman who negotiates with the selling clubs chairmen for that player and pays the money, not the other way round. I don’t know of any manager who not only manages the team, negotiate the price and wages for players and controls the clubs purse strings. Any prick who agrees with Chimbonda is equally dense.

  2. Agree with Ray… And end up with players like chimbumda on our books paying fat wages like we did to Adebayor. Look how stuck man u and arsenal are now with Ozil and sanchez. They cannot sell them and they dont want to go. Keep doin what y doing Mr Levy. I have loved the last 10 years as a spurs fan more than ever. Born 67…, too young to apreciate 70 71

  3. This is another ridiculous comparison. This is spurs not Manchester city, we operate in completely different way and we did not have a trillionaire buy our club with tons of money to just throw around. Poch may not have the final say but Levy isn’t just our buying up players and saying here ya go bud make it work, that would be insanity. Does anyone remember what this club was 15 years ago? Long before pochetino walked through the gates? Levy has done an amazing job at this club he never gets the credit he is due and takes entirely too much criticism. I for one think hes done an amazing job so far this summer and believe that there is still plenty to come and all of this without giving up eriksen. Give me a freaking break


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