Danny Rose opens up on his infamous 2017 interview and reveals whether he regrets it

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Danny Rose has admitted that the timing of his comments back in the summer of 2017, where he was critical of the club for their wage structure and transfer activity, may not have been appropriate.

Rose was considered one of the best left-backs in Europe after the 2016-17 season as he and Kyle Walker terrorised opposition teams with their pace and power.

While Walker was sold to Manchester City after that season, Rose, who was sidelined with an injury towards the end of that campaign, remained put at Spurs.

However, the left-back shocked the club when he was openly critical of their ambition, the type of players they were signing, and the player salaries in an interview with The Sun.

The England international has now insisted that he does not regret the interview, despite it being ‘an expensive conversation’, but he did admit that the timing could have been better.

Speaking to Second Captains Podcast (as relayed by Football.London), he said: “No not really (hold any regrets). I am 30, I am a grown man, as long as I not effing or calling somebody this or that then I don’t regret things.

“Sometimes timing may be questionable but what I have said in the media about racism, about not being enough black coaches within football, I don’t understand how I can apologise or think I have said too much.

“It was an expensive conversation (the interview in 2017), but am I supposed to regret what we speak about in the dressing room or what the majority of the fans are thinking?

“No, I am not going to regret that because that is what the changing room was saying, that is what the majority of fans were saying.

“I don’t regret it, maybe the timing was incorrect because I think it was literally leading up to our first game of the season so it was an unnecessary distraction for the lads, the club, so I fully take that on board. What I said, I said, I got punished for it and we move on.”

Rose also claimed that he has never been one to shy away from answering any direct questions that are posed to him.

When asked about his former Spurs coach, Les Ferdinand once saying that Rose was ‘a closed book’ behind the scenes, the 30-year-old responded: “I do agree with what he said. I do appreciate that previous managers or coaching staff at Tottenham may have felt like that, but if I am asked a question or I don’t agree with something then I can be quite vocal,” explained the left-back.

“I find it strange that people are quite fascinated or are like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe he has said that’. I am just answering your question, why is that a shock? That’s just how I am and my mum and my uncles will tell you from a young age that is how I have been.

“I don’t mean to offend anyone or say anything to have a negative aura around myself because that is not going to benefit me at all.

“I am not going to do the, ‘happy to play’, or ‘happy for the three points’ cliché speak that some players give because when I finish football I want to know that I gave everything on the pitch, which so far at 30 years old I feel I am ticking that box towards the end of my career.

“Also I want to finish this game knowing I was myself so I would rather be myself and be disliked, but at the end of the day I get more gratitude and satisfaction in knowing I have been myself. That is all I am bothered about.”

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As a fan, I personally hate it when footballers give cliche answers to questions. The media training players are given these days rendered interviews, robotic. So, I certainly feel there is room for players to speak their minds. However, Rose giving those comments back in 2017 was not his wisest decision, as it probably ended up costing him a new contract with Tottenham.

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