Most Tottenham fans will know all about Danny Rose’s no-nonsense, no filter attitude when it comes to interviews and this week has been no different.

When sitting down with don.emusic on Instagram for a Lock Don Live interview, Rose once again revealed some controversial moments and thoughts from his career.

One of the latest stories from the Spurs left-back looks back on his time under Harry Redknapp as a teenager when he was first breaking into the first-team.

Rose claimed that he would normally get some minutes under his belt when the team had all but secured a victory, which was the case when they were 3-0 up against Newcastle at half-time.

However, Redknapp made three substitutes in the second half, leaving Rose to sit on the bench as an unused player.

This, along with a nutmeg against him in training the next day, caused Rose to walk out of training early and drive home in frustration.

Rose recalled (as relayed by Football London): “When I went to Peterborough and Bristol [on loan] and I didn’t do too well you sort of think if you can’t do well in the Championship you won’t do well in the Premier League.

“Under Harry we were playing Newcastle and normally I would never come on unless we were winning three or 4-0. So it was 3-0 at half-time so I was rubbing my hands together, thinking I am going to come on for the last 30 minutes.

“He made one sub and I didn’t come on, he made a second sub and I thought ‘f**k’ and he made a third sub and I didn’t come on, he brought on a centre-back, I was so vexed, so the game has finished and then on the Monday we were back in training and my head was still gone.

“Then I got nutmegged in training and all the lads started busting up and I was thinking I can’t have this.

“We were doing finishing after that and I have hit one wide and I have gone to collect a ball and I have seen my car and I thought ‘fuck this I am going home.

“So I got in my car in my boots and everything and I drove home. I called my mum and said I don’t want to play football anymore.

“I was 18 or 19. I spoke to her, I was emotional and she calmed me down. I spoke to my mum and dad and my agent and I just stuck at it. Eventually, I got a chance. It is a good job I did stick at it.”

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