“Let’s see what happens when David’s contract runs out”


David Beckham - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp admits he is unsure if he will make a new move to sign David Beckham.

Beckham’s contract at LA Galaxy expires in December and he has been linked with a switch back to Europe.

“It’s a difficult one,” admitted Redknapp. “You would love him around your football club. As I have said many times, you couldn’t get a better professional and a nicer guy.

“But he wants to play and it would be difficult because I have a lot of players here at the moment in those sort of positions, so it wouldn’t be easy.

“But who knows? Let’s see what happens when David’s contract runs out.”

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  1. Why wpould you want a mong like him at the White Hart? He can't speak properly.
    "I'm not speaking to the Press no more" That was one of his. The master ogf the double negative. And have you noticed that before opening his Waltham Forest gob he has to think about his intonation cos as you know Dave thinks he has gone up market in the class stakes. Harry Redknapp even though he lives in Sandibanks is great cos he never gets ashamed of his East End slant. But how could you live in a dump like sandibanks all year? My mate lives there and like FUCKING NOTHING TO DO.


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