Dawson off to the World Cup as Rio is ruled out


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Rio Ferdinand has been ruled out of the World Cup, meaning that Michael Dawson will now travel to South Africa.

Ferdinand has damaged his knee in what Fabio Capello described as a “minor tackle” and left hospital on crutches.

Dawson is expected to travel to South Africa in the next 12 hours.

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  1. thats such great news, i bet Michael Dawson is a very happy man even though the circumstances aren't ideal, go Dawson you've worked hard this seeason and deserve this opportunity so much

  2. Great news for the lad Thouroghly deserved after a fantastic season with Spurs. Only played 60% and was our player of the season! Rio has been shaky of late and only played 11 games. I can see Deadly Ledley and dawson starting at centre half in at least one group game!

  3. Capello: "We hope it's not too bad but we have Michael Dawson on call". Is Dawson definitely going or are you jumping the gun a bit?!

    Anyway I hope he goes, he deserves it even though the circumstances aren't ideal.

  4. Unlucky not to be there in the first place; bet he is glad 'Arry was not as scathing as he could have been.
    Gutted for Ferdinand because he is quality and will be too old for the next tournament b ut his record this year had him showing less games than Ledley.
    Daws will not let us down…………

  5. The England squad now has more players from Spurs than any other club! My copy of the Season Review arrived today and I've a feeling I might be watching tonight. Feel for Rio but it's fate and it's capped a brilliant season fro my beloved THFC!! COYS go all the way and bring the cup home!!!

  6. Spurs will only have bit part players, apart from Lennon can't see any of them featuring mor ethan the odd 15-20 minutes, is hardly Spurs bringing home the orld Cup PMSL

  7. FANTASTIC News !!!!! I'm made up for the lad…should have been going in the first place. This will make him a much better player for the experience, and I wish him all the best. Go on DAWS show them what your made of !!!!

    As for Theo, tough shit, you should have been kept in SA, to clean Aaron's boots apre match :-)

  8. this is great news for Dawson he deserved it more than half the centerbacks in the squad and honestly I think he deserved it more than King

  9. This news just made my day…………By the way, does anybody know when Carrick wil have the same fate as Rio. England needs Big Tom.


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