Dawson: Penalty decision was “harsh”


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Michael Dawson felt that the penalty decision which cost Spurs victory in the FA Cup tie against Leeds was harsh.

The defender was adjudged by referee Alan Wiley of bringing Jermaine Beckford down in the penalty area deep into injury time while Spurs were leading 2-1/

“At the time I didn’t believe it was a penalty, maybe that’s just me in the heat of things, but I came in, had a look at it again on TV and still believe it was harsh,” Dawson told the official Spurs site.

“Maybe I can see why he gave it. I spoke to the referee after the game once I’d calmed down and he said I went through the man to get the ball. I was upset but I have to respect his decision.

“Even now thinking about it, it’s not a nice feeling. We were 2-1 up, the game’s nearly over and we’ve almost won, so yes I’m sad we’ve not won the game, and sad that my tackle – whether it was right or wrong – has cost us a win.

“We have another chance in the replay and we will have to make sure we put it right at Elland Road but we now have to pick ourselves up for Fulham.”

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  1. Are we going to be victims of dodgy decisions for the rest of the season because all of a sudden they are mounting by the week .And teams form suddenly goes up a notch when they play us even if the team is weaker another baffling statistic And then we have our say on blogs and rip our team apart tying to fathom why we lost or drew and the next week the same teams get hammered i have Told my fans the reason and got called rotten by my own fans well no more if you trust Teams to train hard and win because they are all superbly fit and don’t tire even when the states say they have bean hammered they win or Draw and you blame Jenas Harry Crouch and co.Remember this the team thtas in form is Birmingham who beat Everton the same team that hammered Man city with one of the best attacs in the division 2-0 with this defence Neville Heightinger Distan Bains are they a defence that would stop Man City on paper well they never stopped Birmingham the form team.There manager is stating his players are now showing they are good team well is team started playing when young said his manager has 40 million to spend on players what better way of telling the present players buck up or your gone.And they have but how they have is another story that I have bean called for telling well its better to blame refs players than to tell the real reason for thin players that never tire and play way above there ability and shock gamblers and managers and fans every weeks looking forward to calling players .

  2. Being a Spurs supporter, I wish this damn penalty had never happened so dramatically as we were only a minute away from a well deserved victory. I am sorry to say, however, in all honesty that I think the referee got it right this time. It is true Michael went for the ball which he did not reach fully and fouled in the process. It was a clumsy unnecessary tackle and certainly much too risky in the dying minute of the match when we were on the verge of victory. Michael, as an experienced player, should have known better. This equaliser for Leeds need not have happened if only Spurs had shown some smartness and good tactics in keeping the ball and killing time at such a crucial time in the game. It is all behind us and we must learn from our mistakes. I look forward to a win against Fulham and Leeds in our replay.

  3. Not much else to say really… ^^ said it all, I’ll co-sign that lol.

    ps, can the spurs players stop going on record saying shit and then not delivering, that really ticks me off! i.e Kranjcar & bassong vs liverpool, jenas on numerous occasions,… Just talk on the pitch and let harry do the talking off it!

  4. I know its hard to take ,but leeds were pounding us in the last 5 minutes and put a lot of pressure on our defence which probably caused Daws to over react.Lets hope lessons are learned against fulham and strengthen our midfield by not playing jenas and play Niko in the mid with Palacios and Kyle on the right as jenas for me makes us weak in the middle.

  5. DAVSPURS… i though you said goodbye to us?
    Anyway, the only reason Leeds kept pounding us is because we kept giving the ball away. John is right. We didn’t know how to keep the ball and play it around and waste time. Never even took it to the corner flag once. We need to learn how to control the game.


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