Dawson ruled out for at least two months


Michael Dawson - Tottenham Hotspur News


Tottenham captain Michael Dawson has been ruled out of action for at least two months.

The Spurs defender damaged his Achilles last week in the build up to the fixture against Wolves.

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    • I think I'm utterly delighted – watch us win and keep clean sheets without this championship defender in our ranks……

      • Yes, he hasn't been great for us so far THIS season, but aparently he's been struggling with an injury for a while. Don't be an arse. Also, please tell us who will come in for him now?

  1. Same thing year in year out everytime we travel to south Africa it is the Same repetitive result, we end up with half the team injured,rest suffer loss of form..Dawson last season suffered Exactly the same fate almost exactly the same time coming back from errrrrmm south Africa..each season we travelled to d.s. even under Jol, the result was the same..last season how many English players came back from the world cup and had not suffered dip in form or injury, just ask Wayne rooney..I think levy should learn his lesson and stop taking the team to that stupid country.

  2. mrs minge was shite v Man City but the biggest wanker of the lot is our dreadlocks full back , now that is crap defender personification statue.
    What we would give for someone like a MaClintock even though he did play for the scum.
    The idea of going to africa is a bad one, its a shit hole so lets not go, that said Tottenham in all fucking honesty is Africa so I spose its a home from home.
    Tottenham used to be a great place of decent working class people transformed by our neo lib would be commies in the Cess pit it is today.

    • 1. Lets start by saying, you are a fucking moron.
      2. Benoit is now one of the best left backs in the league and one of our most consistent players.
      3. The specific continent that Spurs visit on their pre-season has nothing to do with injuries that may be incured.
      4. Your ignorance, arrogance and xynephobia is astounding and embarrassing.
      – What the fuck makes you think that the UK or England is so superior to the whole continent of Africa!? Neoliberalism, which you rightly derride, is a western and global northern ideology, discourse and set of practices, responsible for rising, national and global inequality and climate change to name but a few.
      – The socio-economic makeup of Tottenham has not changed. Tottenham is still occupied by some of the poorest in the UK, the only difference is that because of rising inequality, the working class are now the under class.


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