Dawson’s fury at press claims


Michael Dawson has denied reports that he is unhappy with his current deal at Tottenham.

The defender who has been a rock at the back for Spurs and always gives 110% is furious at the reports and has gone public to reassure the White Hart Lane faithful.

“I have no idea where this story has come from – it certainly has not come from myself or any of my representatives,” Dawson said. “I think I have always demonstrated that I am a proud player and captain of this club and nothing has changed in that respect.”

He added: “I have an excellent relationship with everyone at this club from the chairman, to the players to the supporters and I wouldn’t want false reporting such as this to impact on that.

“There has been absolutely no fallout with anyone whatsoever.

“I still have four years left on my current contract and have no issues regarding it whatsoever.

“It is an honour to be captain of this football club and my sole focus is on getting ready for the new season with Spurs and, hopefully, England as well.”

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  1. The press really are anti spurs, only because we like to keep are cards close they dont who we are looking at so they link us with everyone, then they link are players with man utd chelsea and barca, its bad repoting and even more waisted editing Its pathetic

  2. Good on you Daws we supporters all love you. long may you remain captain …..you are a credit to spurs!!!! deespurs ps. hope levey shows his apprecation and pays you top wages in line with our best

  3. Well done Dawson! It is important that players make a stand & think about the club & the fans…this is a true captains move. Hope Dawson has a better season this year; hope Modric entourage can learn from this??

  4. Well done Daws! This is what a True Captain does: thinking of the club, fans, players- a great move. Hope Daws has a massive season next year. And he deserve a wage rise just on loyalty, effort & resolve.

  5. Daws, a great example of how to conduct yourself in the public eye. Lets hope you get a pay rise to match your actions… At least your not throwing your toys out of the pram.

  6. Thats not what he said to me in aldi.i was in the tottenham branch the other day and saw the nottingham nasher discussing sponge pads with rodney and approached and said "So are you going to do a runner"?
    he dsaid that he would really like to play for qpr

  7. I was astonidshed to find him in aldi though because I thought he was much more upmarket. I saw that little prick luca bodric wanker in pone of those smelly poleaxe shops buying some fucking dsalami, horrible crap.
    "Can you cut in velly fin"


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