Dear Mr Levy, the silence is deafening!

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

After our latest capitulation at Chelsea, the frustration and anger from the fans has been ignited, even Tim couldn’t resist having a pop at the players after the game!, the current mood at the lane is ugly and while us fans are going round in circles blaming everyone except the milkman, there is one man who must take the responsibility for the mess we find ourselves in, please step forward Daniel Levy!

For our sad story to unfold, we must first cast our minds back to happier times, to the 1st of January 2012 specifically…………..we are third in the table, just 6 points of the top, under the leadership of Harry Redknapp we have been playing some truly entertaining football, we have the likes of Modric, Bale, VDV and a inform Ade striking fear into premier league defences, at this stage it looks like we are well  on course to qualify for the champions league again, and we are serious contenders for the title, furthermore while it appears that the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are in decline, we are certainly on the rise.

At this point the perfect opportunity presented itself to Daniel Levy to show some real ambition and back Harry in the January transfer window, therefore making a statement of intent to our rivals. At the time a quality striker and defender was what Harry, pundits and our fans were desperately calling for to be the last piece in the jigsaw, the argument was that any money spent then would be recuperated from the champions league qualification. However the prudent Levy hesitated and in the end was unwilling to sanction this, consequently with no backing Harry had no options other than to sign freebee golden oldies in Saha and Nelsen at the last minute and the rest is history. To be fair many will point to our cursed bad luck that season, specifically with the circus regarding Harry and the England job and Chelsea miraculously winning the champions league, however I believe that it was Levy’s lack of ambition and his failure to back Harry in the transfer market that set the motion for our fall from grace.

Moving forward….in the space of just over two years both Harry and his replacement “AVB” have been sacked, we currently have in place a rookie interim manager who will almost certainly be replaced in the summer, we twice failed to qualify for the champions league and our superstar trio Modric/VDV and Bale have all been sold, the money generated from these sales has been wasted on players who we didn’t need, have not fitted in and have failed to live up to expectations, our team is playing like a group of strangers, there is no leadership or character in our team, and our style of football has become truly dismal.

Now while I am more than happy with Levy of how he is running our club financially, I believe he has made a terrible mess on the footballing side of the management, in the last 10 years Levy has made several disastrous appointments and we have seen many managers come and go, also in this time we have seen the director of football position come, go and come back again, there has just been no consistency, I want Levy and ENIC to have better communication with us fans, we need to know what the hell is going on with our club right now ?, as we seem to be drifting aimlessly without direction or purpose, I can’t really blame Tim Sherwood for venting his frustrations on Saturday, deep down he knows that he will be replaced in the summer, and the players must sense this too which would go a long way to explaining why there appears to be no fight from them right now, as Tim himself stated,  the silence from Levy and the board is deafening………

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  1. How do you know if levy hesitated. Remember Harry and Sherwood got it wrong regarding Suarez. The one I would blame levy for us Cahill, who Harry clearly wanted. We don't know what role avb had in getting those players, and most spurs fans were very excited about soldado, paulinho, lamela etc. So levy is damned if does, and damned if he does not

  2. Hugely inaccurate, YOU CANNOT state that you are happy with Daniel on the financial side but not on the Football side, do you not realise our Football side is the Financial side ? we else have we made quick kill signings and moved them on sharpish, plenty of naive fans a few years ago were dancing about making stupid comments like " We have some great young talent" did they not see it was Daniels way of making a quick kill ? Bale gone, Caulker Gone, soon Lloris and Vertonghen for considerably more than they were signed for, he doesn't give a fuck about anything other than making money, there is no divide between Football and Business Finance they are linked, Huddlestone, soon it will be Livermore, Carrol, Naughton, all making healthy profits.. He has beaten Arsenal to the signing of a top quality scout, what for ? it aint so we can dominate the prem , it is for more profits when they get sold on to Madrid, why else have we got a partnership with them ? what do we get on the playing side out of this deal ?

    Levy is playing about with our hearts, our heritage and our family values, I sit in White Hart Lane and think of when I held my Dads hand as a kid 40 years ago and always tripped down the paxton rd steps under the flood lights, all I saw was peoples arses for the entire walk to the ground and walk home, my friends sadly not with us who were passionate about the club, the club is my entire life and holds memories that are so dear for me.. all that prick does is sit up in his seat on the half way line, laughing at everyone knowing he has another 25,000 sheep waiting to come in of this lot disappear.. FUCK LEVY !

  3. Uhh. Avb decided to let caulker go. Not levy. Arsenal had to sell the likes of rvp, adebayor, Clichy and others so spurs are not alone here. And remember he spent all the bale money

    • AVB let Caulker go did he ? so he walked up to Levy and told him what he wanted him to be sold for and negotiated with his agent did he ? AVB wanted Dawson to go or did Levy tell him he stays ? you can't have it both ways, only one man runs spurs and it is foolish to think otherwise very foolish,
      AVB gave Levy a list of players he wanted including Moutinho and Hulk and he ended up with Chadli and co, Harry was a dream for Levy he got loads of old men so Levy once again (see the pattern forming here ? ) treated Harry to VDV, because he spent so little, It was only when Levy realised that our squad was worth nothing apart from Bale that he got shot of Harry and signed 10 players and Baldini to protect himself from the wrath of the fans, you see nothing happens at Spurs without Daniel Levy being involved and this is why we are always signing idiots, let's face it Harry had nothing apart from one FA Cup to rave about on his CV, noone with any Football sense would work for Levy so this Van Gaal situation is very interesting, but trust me you can't take a shit at White Hart Lane without Levy sniffing it, and I think Tim made that quite clear last weekend. "Some people around here think we are 4th place material, no chance, absolutely no chance " well said Tim… trying to manage a team with the shackles on must be a nightmare. but when Levy is squirting his piss at you whilst you are wearing them it is impossible to stay !

  4. While I am no supporter of Levy, it seems that he is everyone 's favourite target. I prefer to focus my spleen on the players who have consistently shown a lack of fight. The only player to have shown any desire and grit ,Louis Holtby, was ushered off to Fulham. In the few times he played ,he showed more fight than Lennon ,Walker and Townsend put together over the past two seasons.


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