With a busy football calendar over the festive season being an English football tradition, all clubs are preparing for a busy few days over the coming week and a half. The boxing day and new year fixtures are great traditions that most of us have great memories of.

As fans look forward to another busy and exciting run of fixtures, it is worth remembering that none of this would be possible if not for the ground staff and other match authorities around the country working round the clock during the holiday season in order to ensure we get to enjoy the games.

The Hackney Gazette reports that Spurs’ ground staff will be working through Christmas Day in order to get the pitch ready for the 12.30 pm kick-off against Brighton on Boxing Dau.

The 48 ground staff working at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium led by the head of training surfaces Darren Baldwin will only have a little over two days to get the pitch in perfect condition for the game following the London derby against Chelsea on Sunday.

However, Baldwin insisted that it was a pleasure for him and his team to put in the work needed to ensure fans enjoy the game.

He told the Hackney Gazette: “Watching and playing football over the Christmas holidays is a British tradition. Matches during this period, including Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated team of grounds staff that have meticulously crafted the surface our favourite sports stars play on.

“We’re passionate about playing our part to ensure the games take place. Like many other clubs up and down the country, the grounds staff team at Tottenham will be at the stadium and training ground bright and early on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and will work as long as it takes to ensure everything is prepared and in perfect condition for the playing staff.

“It gives me immense pride to have such a committed team that still dedicate so much time to their skill and craft, even if it might mean their Christmas dinner goes cold.”

Spurs Web Opinion

It really is commendable the work these guys are doing to ensure we get to enjoy the games. I also appreciate the sacrifice made by the players and the coaching staff who never get to spend the holiday season with their families. While cynics will point out that footballers get paid handsomely, it must still be quite hard for some of them to be away from their families.

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