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Jermain Defoe insists the England squad remain behind manager Fabio Capello.

The 27-year-old said in the Daily Mirror: “I take the point that it can’t be fatigue as the Germans in particular have played more games than us.

“Maybe it’s because so many players have taken on so much pressure to live up to expectations that it affected their normal game.

“There was boredom out there. But then players are used to that from being away with their clubs. And that soon went when the games started and we could break up our days by watching them.

“You also have to remember that the strict regime is the way the manager prefers to do things. His CV is second to none and he has won titles and trophies with four top European clubs and some fantastic players that way.

“For me personally, he gave me an opportunity and I’d like to think that I took it in that Slovenia game.

“Every manager has their own different routine before a game. With Mr Capello we’d watch a video of the opposition and we’d go through their strengths and weaknesses.

“And I’d like to think, despite what is being said, that he has the respect of the players.”

He said: “I can understand the level of anger and frustration that we as England players have returned home to.

“I accept it has been a bitterly disappointing World Cup campaign from a group of players of whom everyone expected so much.

“Personally I wish I could have done more to help the country than just the goal against Slovenia.

“I remain convinced that had I played in the earlier two games we would have got off to a better start than we did.

“And that’s why it hurts so much to hear people saying we don’t care.

“I care. I care passionately. I won’t have anyone telling me I don’t have pride in pulling on an England shirt. Pride in scoring goals for my country. Pride in representing my family, my club and the people that have had faith in me all my life.”

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  1. i feel sorry for the fans who payed good hard earnt money ,if people put that much effort into their daily jobs they would most likely get disciplined by there employer ?.The trouble is there are to many stars or so called stars,Old big head made european champs out of really good players but really not the best around at the time ?maybe we need to rethink the make up of the team and plum for players who can actually do a job rather than the glitz and glamour .Scot parker should of been in the squad we seem to clamour after what a sports writer puts in his paper and slaughter the manager be cause he doen't know what he's doing of?.I suppose these so called writers know?. only in the last fourty years not one of them has come up with any other idea than sack them !Think there more to why they didn't play well and i think stevie gerards private life has somethink to do with it and john terry had the hump about it because they made him step down as captain.Jt felt he should of done the same.should all come to a head soon aprox 14 days

  2. Why does he have to insist on it?
    I mean, doesn´t it give the idea that some players need convincing, therefore are not for their coach?


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