Defoe: “I’m not to blame for Pompey exit”


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Jermain Defoe has claimed that Spurs have reached their ‘make-or-break point’ in the season, whilst trying to cool the tension between himself and the Portsmouth fans.

Spurs will face his former club, Portsmouth in an FA Cup semi-final on Sunday, before hosting rivals Arsenal as they continue their push for fourth place.

Tottenham are keen on both fronts, with silverware being deemed important as well as securing a place in next season’s Champions League.

And Defoe is more than aware of how important these two fixtures will be in shaping the rest of the season.

“The next two games will define the remainder of the season for my Tottenham side.”

Defoe will face the side he left in acrimonious circumstances 15 months ago, along with a clutch of Spurs players who recently plied their trades on the south coast.

“Portsmouth in particular will be tough. A lot of our players will have mixed feelings about playing them again, because of the divided loyalties and the situation the club is in.

“I have to say that I, too, wouldn’t be human if I didn’t still have feelings for Pompey.

“I was sold by them because of the perilous financial situation that the club was in. I had no choice in the matter.

“Yet you wouldn’t believe the number of abusive phone calls and messages I got from Portsmouth fans, angry at the way they thought I was treating them. Some were very, very nasty indeed.

“I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it, not only because of the things they were saying, but also the fact they had animosity towards me over a situation that wasn’t of my making.

“The truth was that my departure from Fratton Park wasn’t up to me. Pompey had to cash in on me.”

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  1. Dont worry JD Pompey fans are like that! they called Redknapp every name under the sun when we left for Southampton yet when he rejoined it was like it never happned! the very same men that wanted him dead were once again calling him god.

    There bitter 2 faced plastic fans that only bother to even go to the ground when there doing well!!!!

    Ignore them, your home now

    • Not true Superspurs – Defoe refused to play for us so he forced us to sell him – as for Redknapp he only goes looking for more money and has never had any loyalty to any club he ever manages including yours !

  2. Give it a rest! i live in Pikey Portsmouth and many of my close friends are Pompey fans so i know 1st hand how bad you lot are!
    In the mid 90's i played for Portsmouth Young Blues and as such got in free to every home game and every week there were 7000/8000 fans tops there but when they went on the cup run and got as far as Liverpool it was a sell out! Only interested when the teams doing well!
    Same things happening now, no money and bottom of league and the fans are staying away!! and dont go giving me the rubbish that your "Protesting" to who??? your the mugs that gave Sol C***bell £80k a week in a ground that holds 20,000!! So IF you lots stay away the club DONT earn money they NEED to stay afloat!

    Why the hell you lot blame Redkanpp or Defoe for your problems is anyones guess, the problems lay with the Old Chairmen and Portsmouth City Council who refused planning permission and delayed applications for so long! NOT a manager that won you the FA Cup and got you into Europe, the same Manager you got £5million for!

    Grow up and support the team through thick and thin like Southampton fans have! not spending loads of cash going to Wembley just to shout abuse at a manager and some players that took you too heights you wont ever return too!

  3. I have lost all sympathy for Portsmouth including its fans who blame the whole of Tottenham football club for their demise. If their fans had any loyalty they would at the very least sell out their home games to help the club rather than stay away and continually blame Redknapp for their situation. Funny that he managed to sell players such as Diarra, Crouch, Defoe for profits yet the club somehow mislayed the money. He still delivered a trophy for the first time since god knows when and European football. How they have got so much debt is baffling, and for those anal cretins at this club who seem hell bent on heaping all their wrath on us, just think about what idiots run your club instead. So please give up this tiresome tirade at us and concentrate on what is a decent club you have.

  4. I do feel for pompey fans, but the blame must only be towards the directors of the club, and even if Harry is partly to blame, the final decition should of been with the board.

  5. This is like feeling sorry for your mate and is wife who had to many expensive holidays and bought flash cars and then lost there house for not paying there mortgage. Yes you feel sorry for the fans but they only complained when the shit hit the fan and its not Harry but Gaydamacks who started living above there means is own father had six business failing's under is leadership so its a chip of the old block. We are having play a semi final with the nation conned into thinking we are the Villains robbing the silver when we payed the wages loaned a good player and all for nothing because to many lies where told by the premier and Pompey and now we are in a now win situation and in my mind being set up for a fall to pay the premierships money back for bailing them out of the shit and distinction all to save the brand Premiership and Schofields neck. The very person who wouldnt let us move the last game forword to five o'clock to give our tired players more time to recover .When he got interviewed by sky he was asked why he couldn't let Spurs kick of later he said it wouldn't be fair to other teams he was at the last game party at Arsenals old ground Highbury and know he is bending over backwards to help Pompy defeat us by allowing Dindane to play and are we expected to belive they have only just found out its 22 games not 20 means they have to pay Four Million what happen to the phone and asking Lens is it 20 or 22 this smells of more rule bending by the Administrator . I cant wait to see who the referee is it wont be Mr Mason would it or god forbid Webb no he will be ready for the UTD game any way lets Hope we survive Pompy and the Energized fourth spot viasco


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