Dele hails Pochettino’s influence


Dele Alli says his manager Mauricio Pochettino has been “massive” for him at the club and says the whole team have put their entire trust in the manager in an interview for Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports

The England midfielder’s form has begun to pick up of late after a perceived indifferent start to the campaign, with Spurs in fourth place in the Premier League and impressing in the Champions League.

The article says the Argentine tactician has instilled a sense of togetherness in the Spurs side after two straight top-three finishes in the Premier League, and Alli did not hold back in his praise for the Argentine.

Alli said: “He’s massive to me, a big help with everything, every day in training and in everyday life he pushes you, making you a better person and player.
“He’s a massive role in my career; we work together a lot, we speak a lot, and I think that is important for a young player, to know you have a manager you can trust and speak to.

Alli added: “He wants to help you improve and push you on. We trust in him, we put all our trust in him here, and that’s the main thing. We know that the decision he makes is the best for the team and it’s important that we stick by that.”
England midfielder Alli, sure to be on the plane to Russia next summer with Gareth Southgate’s side, does admit his season has been hit and miss at times.

However the article says Alli is adamant that he has still enjoyed the campaign, and is wary that he should not get carried away with his form, good or bad.

He said: “It has been a bit hit and miss at times, but I’ve enjoyed it so far, and I think that’s the main thing, that I keep enjoying it, enjoying playing for Tottenham. It has been good. Obviously you always want to improve and get better but I’m enjoying it.”

Alli was then asked what his biggest challenge has been this season, to which Alli said: “Just keeping the high level. Obviously I’ve put myself in a situation where everyone expects me to score or assist every game, and as a player myself I expect it as well, but obviously that is not always the case, and just because you don’t score or assist it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve played bad.

“I’m probably my biggest critic. But like I say, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s easy to get down with things if they’re not going your way or if you haven’t been performing.

“But I know in myself that that’s not the case, I’ve been playing well at times and you can’t play well every game. A lot of players will tell you it is impossible to play well at the top level in every single game.
“I think everyone’s opinion is changing all of the time. You can have one unbelievable game, and then the next game you’re not so good, and people’s opinions on you will change.

“It’s important that when you’re doing well you don’t get carried away with what people are saying about you, and if you’re doing bad the same. Don’t read into it too much or think too much of it.”

It’s been less of the spectacular from Dele this season for sure. However he’s a lot more mature this season and is clearly working at the disciplinary side of his game. I think sometimes media can influence people’s perception but also it’s evident that he’s well aware of the criticism.


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