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Well here we are again, after looking great a week ago, to looking very ordinary on Saturday.

As a whole the team were pretty poor, but I want to give a special mention, to a player that I’ve already singled out for critism two weeks ago, Eric Dier.

Well, as many football pundits and Spurs fans alike, have pointed out, it was Eric Dier’s lack of desire, concentration, and nous reading the play, that this time, cost Spurs the late goal at Old Trafford!

Look at the difference from the reaction of Jan Vertonghen, who powers back to cover the danger, and would have blocked the shot from Martial, if the forward hadn’t had mis-hit his shot into the ground. Then look at Dier’s pathetic reaction, he alllows himself to be shrugged off, by the slightest of movement from Martial, and stops in his tracks ! He’s a waste of space, and should be sold in January!

Spurs can add to that list Moussa Sissoko, who was all over the place, his first touch is crap, rarely chases back, and he missed a guilt-edge chance to at least hit the target in the first half, but skied his effort.

If Mauricio Pochettino is serious about this team challenging for the Premier League title and doing well in the Champions League, this two misfits need to go ASAP!!

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    • Steve is totally right, dier & sissoko wouldn't get into the first 11 and both are unreliable cover. Defensively dier isn't good enough at all hence why he was moved into the holding cm position in the place first, trouble is he's not good enough there either and we should of snapped Man U's hand off if they'd offered silly money for him. I'm not sure sissoko is even premiership quality let alone a top four team, hopefully he has a fairly decent World Cup and we can get a good price for him.

    • Agree, Steve is an idiot, Dier was the best defender on show yesterday, the problem was Alderwireld didn’t put in a challenge and allowed Lukaku a free header, and Martial’s run was from behind and to the side of Dier, so it should have been seen and covered by Vertonghen,.

      In reality, that was the only mistake the defense made the whole game, if Dele had scored, as he should have done, we’d probably been talking about a win. I’m getting sick an tired of clickbate bloggers blaming certain players all the time without seeing what actually happens.

  1. What bullshit, Eric was brilliant on Saturday, apart form the one error. He played a blinder please dont write articles that you obviously have not really thought about.

  2. Sissoko is improving every game. The shot you mentioned was the result of an over hit layoff from Dele, not really Mousa's fault.
    Dier isn't a CB anymore, that's his problem. We're that Sanchez in his place that goal doesn't happen.
    Had Dele tucked away that chance it could've been so different.
    Yeah it sucks but that's football, can't win them all…

  3. Idiotic knee-jerk reaction to a defeat. Dier has been fantastic for Spurs for three years, and even Sissoko has improved to the point where the hands are not thrown up in exasperation when he appears on the team sheet.
    If you don't understand football, Steve, write about something else.

  4. Dier fronts his man as he should, the ball is played over his head. Vertonghen fails to get goal-side and that lets Martial in. You've got a bug up your butt about Dier, and you're flat wrong on this one. The mistake on this belongs Vertonghen, who to be fair was excellent, apart from that moment.
    Actually I thought Sissoko was ok too, still not a game changer, but not bad, and if you want to talk about missed opportunities Dele goes to the top of the list.
    I do however think there were two key selection issues where hopefully lessons were learned:
    Without Wanyama, Dier, not Winks has to fill the holding roll.
    Sonny comes too deep to play as a single striker, Llorentes might've been a better option, he holds the ball a little better and certainly wins the long ball more often. It's also fair to say that Eriksen was better when Llorentes was on the field.

    For all that Spurs were the better team and considering we were without HK it was a very decent performance.

  5. personally shouldnt be allowed to write for u again ,he should stick to things he knows like lego or FM2017 most pointless game ever but brilliant if u live and breath fantasy football u never make mistakes
    About the goal Vertongan was marking him u utter dipsick and he came on the blindside of Dier who by the way had an excellant game had no call from VERTS or LLoris
    My son WOULD DO better writeup than this pile of crap he follows them home and away like me and doesnt watch from his BLOODY LAPTOP and would give a fairer judgment of each player
    His doesnt have an ounce of knowledge of football his assessment of the is woeful This twat on here is a typical new age supporter has lego as his first sport

  6. I couldn't understand why Sanchez was dropped as he has settled in well with Jan and Toby.

    Dier would not be in my first-choice team if everyone was fit and with the emergence of Winks in midfield and the return of Dembele, he would be on the bench.

    Missed opportunity on Saturday but we'll hopefully learn from the last two games.

    • Hi Matt, yes Dele Alli did miss a very good chance, I wouldn't call it a 'tap in' though, but you are missing my main point about Dier's performance. It was his 'attitude' that pissed me off, he was shoulder to shoulder with Martial at the start of his run, he should have tried to force him wide, but very quickly gave up the chase, Jan Vetonghen did is utmost to get back, and was very unlucky in not blocking the shot. The Spurs defence as a unit, has been brilliant for the most part, no complaints there. It was only the fact Dier didn't really try to stop Martial, simple as that.

  7. Dier had a really good game. He generally does. You could say he made one mistake, but that's going too happen. Defensively Spurs are as good as anybody but they didn't score, so where should the blame be placed?

    If Spurs are 3 nil up and Dier makes that mistake would it even get a mention?

  8. In reply to those `more knowledgable` than I, I have been a Spurs fan since the 1966/7 season, hardly` A New Age` supporter, despite not living in the UK, I was able to see the live broadcast of the game, and I watched the Utd goal incident several times, later in the afternoon, to really see the details, BEFORE I wrote anything. It is true that Toby Anderwiereld didn`t challenge Lukaku, but Erik Dier WAS out of position, and was not reading the danger, and gave up too easily. It`s strange that many other Spurs fans and several ex-professional players, e.g.quote from Alan Shearer “They didn’t smell the danger. Eric Dier has got to cover. He has got to expect the danger. He’s too weak [during the move]. He’s cost them the game.” all came to the same conclusion as little old `dip-stick`me, wrote about it, or said it on TV. I was not saying the defense was poor, that was one of the very few mistakes they made in the whole game, nor was I saying, it would not have been a completely different game, if Deli Alli hadn`t of missed his chance a few minutes earlier. For your information Keith Robins, in a back 3 no player is `marking any one player`, the reason our defence has been so good for the past 2 seasons and this one, is the CD`s cover each other and any `danger`. Verts was covering, trying to get his body between the ball and the goal, Dier was late to read the danger, gave up to early, can`t see how you can`t see the difference, between these two player`s reactions, it`s not rocket science?
    Just to clarify something, I love Tottenham Hotspur FC, I want them to play well and win,and of course I realise no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but I am also entitled to write about situations and individual players, the same as anyone else.

    • You are right in you analysis of the goal but wrong in your opinion of Dier. It it no coincidence that regardless of who else is available he gets in the team. Shearer and the other pundits have either never managed or failed. Best to trust Pochetino, Mourinho and the last three England managers.

  9. Steve is correct in his analysis of the goal, but that one error doesn’t make Dier or Alderwiereld bad players. It is no coincidence that Dier gets in the team whenever he is fit, regardless of who else is available. As far as the opinion of former players go it is not a coincidence that they have never managed with the exception of Shearer who failed. I think the opinion of Pochetino, Mourinho and the last three England managers counts for more.

  10. Thanks for the feed-back. Two things I do want to clarify, first is I was very hopeful of Erik Dier becoming a great Spurs player, he started well, improved, but unfortunately for both him and Spurs since the start of this season, his performances for club and country have been mediocre. Mauricio Pochettino could improve his play enormously if he wants to stay at Spurs and develope his game. The second point I want to make is, I was not using ex-player’s remarks to suggest that they know more than Mauricio Pottechino or current/ex England managers, but solely to add weight to my comment, and that of other fans, that lately Erik Dier’s performances do not warrant him being picked.
    Hey there are fans writing in that Christian Eriksen should be benched after the same game, my opinion is, it’s true that he didn’t have his usual good game, but nobody was really making any runs, for him to use his normally brilliant passing technique, bar one, and Deli Alli nearly scored from it. There are 2 camps now regarding Mousse Sissoko, the one, says he’s had enough chances to prove himself, but he’s still poor, camp two say he’s started to perform and justifies his place. We are all watching the same players, but we ‘see’ something different, it’s normal. I never have nor will I ever, voice my opinion about any player, based on a single game, or a single mistake he may makes.
    A lot of people misunderstand some critisms of players, I myself believe that if I feel a player is underperforming, I mention it because I believe the team would play better, if that player was dropped, at least for a while, and give someone else a try, Harry Winks being a case in point, ok that came about because of injuries, as opposed to another players poor showings, but what I mean is, I want the best for the team, always.
    A massive game coming up midweek, if he’s picked I hope and pray that Erik Dier has a great game, but that’s what I’m thinking about the whole team, get it ?

    • Steve, what do you think about the Llorente situation? Buying him to cover for Kane then not playing him when Kane is injured. I was thinking during that game on Saturday that we may as well have kept Janssen. He's a lot younger and arguably better. I love Son, think he's a great player but I thought we lacked an actual real centre forward on Saturday.

      • Hi Mark, initially when I read up on Lorente’s goalscoring record at all his previous clubs, including Swansea I was impressed. However, since I’ve seen his limited appearences for Spurs, I was for the most part disappointed, except for his game against Real Madrid, where his CL experience, and knowledge of the opponents helped him a lot, and he had a reasonably good game. So in answer to your question, I think like Pochettino and most Spurs fans, buying this experienced striker to cover for Harry Kane looked like a good move. So I can only think Pochettino hasn’t been seeing the right performances on the training ground from him, and consequently left him out against Man Utd. I think Spurs gave Janssen enough chances, and he didn’t crack it. Lorente has not been with us very long yet, so I would think Pochettino will persist with him for a while. Who knows, tomorrow night against Real Madrid, he might have a blinder. You are right though, until Lorente starts to perform, we’re lacking in a real centre – forward, to cover for Harry Kane.

        Thanks for your question.


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