Does the Kane/Lucas partnership work? Poch has his say

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Harry Kane is more than used to leading the line alone for both Tottenham and England over the past four or five seasons, but this year at Tottenham, something is new.

During the first few weeks of the season, Pochettino has opted to give his lead man a strike partner in Lucas Moura.

The change in system seemed to work well for the first few weeks of the season, but is it now doing more damage than good?

In their first home game this season, both Kane and Moura scored in a Wembley win against Fulham. Kane grabbed another away to Manchester United, with Moura banging two in the same game.

However, through the last two fixtures, Spurs have looked a little open in the centre of the pitch, and have been unable to create as many chances, being a man light in midfield.

Is the system working? Should it be used in every single game? Poch has his say.

He told the press after Tottenham’s loss to Liverpool: “Look, for me it’s not important, Today we played with two up front and in the second half we played with Lucas on the left and Sonny on the right or Lamela.

“I think when you have options you are going to find the best solutions for the team.

“I think that you love football and you like to see football.

“We try to find solutions and try to score and win the game. I think it was a little bit unlucky.

“Had the penalty been given perhaps we are talking in a different way and you are trying to translate the feeling that the team found the solution in an offensive situation.

“But always the result is the result and sometimes are we are more focused on the result that the performance.”

Poch was asked whether Kane was finding it difficult to play alongside a partner, after leading the line solo for so many years.

“I think I respect every single opinion, but for me it’s a collective problem,” said Pochettino.

“I am not going to put the finger on some player. I am happy with all the players.

“The circumstances are the circumstance.

“I told you the challenge is massive this season.

“We need to give time to the players to get their best and of course to show our potential in time.

“When you win you are happy, but you are happy because of the result.

“But my feeling that I try to translate it I was never so so happy.

“I was thinking about how to provide the team better tools and working hard because we knew that this situation is going to happen.

“It’s so thin the line when you win or lose and that is why you need to be stronger and work more and try to show more consistency.

“I think the process and the period we are in today the team need to work more and the demands of the competition are so tough and we need to show more consistency.”

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  1. I think Spurs & Pochettino have lost the dressing room. Why? MONEY! You have Pochettino on £8m a year and Levy on £6.4m a year, yet with the exception of Kane no other player will earn as much as Pochettino and Levy even if they sign new contracts. I believe most of the Spurs senior players think they are grossly under paid and that they could (like Walker) earn a lot more elsewhere. If players think they are underpaid compared with players of a similar standard at other clubs they are not going to run their socks off and perform to their best. Yet Pochettino has filled his boots with cash. I can’t imagine that’s gone down well with many of the players who are on a lot less money.
    I think Kane is happy with his new contract, but he’s only a shadow of the player he was since that ankle injury around 6 months ago. It was the second time that ankle “went”. I think he’s worried that the ankle will “go” again and hence is playing with caution.

  2. I don’t know how one can judge a “partnership” when one player is playing sub-par. Kane isn’t even close to the player he was for most of last year. He’s on the field 90 minutes but is “in the game” for less than 15 minutes. I think that this adds to the angst that Carrigbawm has identified in the previous comment. They rushed to give Kane a big new contract yet he’s a non-contributor. His energy (what there is of it) all seems to be devoted to some kind of “Captain England” genre. New and substantial contracts for Alderweireld, Erickson and Dele could really impact the attitude of the team. So could holding Kane out until late in the game. This is a team but at the moment (although I am sure that will change) Kane is not a part of the Spurs team effort. No player is better than the team.

  3. I don’t buy into this theory.

    I’m sure any player would want to earn more (who wouldn’t!) on a better contract if you asked them, but we seem to have a strong team spirit and many of the players openly talk very positively about their relationship with the manager and coaching staff. I doubt they care what the Chairman owns, this is a totally different role and not comparable at all.

    Let’s not overreact to a poor performance by talking about losing the dressing room. We were outplayed on the day and I just think the formation, line-up and tactics were wrong on this occasion. We could still have nicked a point though.

    Hopefully we’ll bounce back!


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