“Doesn’t have the soul” – Former Spur launches scathing attack on Mourinho first-teamer

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William Gallas has offered a blunt assessment on Eric Dier’s defensive capabilities following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 loss to Liverpool.

Some of the Spurs squad protested to referee Anthony Taylor that Roberto Firmino’s late winner should have been ruled out for a foul by Jordan Henderson on Eric Dier when Andy Robertson’s corner kick arrived in the penalty area.

Gallas took to Instagram to launch a scathing attack on Dier in which he claimed that the England international ‘doesn’t have the soul of a defender’.

The Frenchman admitted that Firminho’s goal was largely the fault of Toby Alderweireld, who lost track of the Brazilian but reserved extra criticism for Dier after suggesting that the 26-year-old did not want to bother defending and instead threw himself to the floor to try and claim that he had been fouled.

Dier has impressed in his new role at centre-back after first being redeployed there by Jose Mourinho in February, but appears not to be impressing Gallas who wore the colours of Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal during his time in the Premier League.

His analysis, which includes spelling and grammatical errors, read: “First of all, I liked the intensity that there was in this match and the technical quality that the players of both teams were able to produce.

“Tottenham almost won or even drew.

“In the 89th minute Tottenham conceded a goal from a corner.

“As a former defender I have to come back to this goal conceded.

“It is true that it’s Alderweireld’s fault because he was marking Firmino but I would like to draw your attention on Eric Dier.

“Maybe if Eric Dier doesn’t do what he did alderweired would have had better marking.
I’m sorry but Eric Dier doesn’t have the soul of a true defender.

“I still cannot understand how a defender who is 6ft2 tall and weighs at least 90kg ended up on the ground.

“By reviewing the images my only explanation is that on a movement of the defender of liverpool Williams, Eric Dier did not want to make the effort to defend.

“He threw himself on the ground, wanting to pretend there was a fault on him.

“If it had been a liverpool player who would have done this to get a penalty the fans would have said he was cheating.

“For me, Eric Dier tried to cheat at that moment.

“Too bad because Tottenham could have taken a very good point at Andfield.”

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