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Five bookings and a sending off tells you most of what you need to know about this game. It started promisingly but quickly faded. This Man United team is no thing of beauty and is largely reliant on a tried and tested defence and a midfield that tucks in and gets stuck in. Peeking his curly locks out from under the ‘tried & tested’ umbrella is Rafael who complements skill and directness going forward with impetuousness and Paul Scholes style tackling at the back. Lucky to stay on after his first half challenge on Palacios it was a surprise, given the no-nonsense mood of ref Mike Dean, that he lasted as long as he did before receiving a second yellow in the 74th minute.

Other players could’ve gone with him, mostly ones wearing red, given the amount of petty fouling, back chat and general spoiling behaviour going on. On the day Ryan Giggs personified the opposition in that there was no sign of the skill and poise we’ve been familiar with over the years, instead he was just another midfield battler misplacing passes, getting caught in possession and giving away countless free-kicks with trips and pull-backs.

Nani, Berbatov and Rooney (not looking a day under fifty by the way) were largely anonymous though the latter was the only man on the field who forced either goalkeeper into any meaningful action. A shot in each half forced Gomes to parry and push wide respectively whilst at the other end, we hit the target with edge of the box free kicks but none with shots that caused Van der Sar to take both hands off his zimmer frame. Our best chances fell to Crouch and Van der Vaart who each put their shots & headers just the wrong side of the woodwork.

Trouble scoring goals is a theme running through our league season of course and that wasn’t the only familiar aspect of our play. Modric yet again was superb and easily the best creative influence on the field. Dawson and Gallas were excellent in the centre, Bale and Lennon as usual hurled themselves at the opposition fullbacks whilst support from behind them was fitful and erratic in quality. United’s narrow midfield allowed Hutton and Assou-Ekotto to carry the ball forward for much of the second half but they failed to make the most of it most of the time.

On positive notes, both Gomes and Palacios gave more assured performances than we’ve been used to of late and Redknapp should be pleased that there was no sign of being intimidated by reputation etc as we outplayed them in most areas of the pitch. But in the end the inability to make the most of our opportunities when they came was key. We were on top of all the statistics captions; percentage possession, attempts on goal, corners etc but Crouch’s sidefoot wide from Hutton’s cross in the eighth minute was our best chance and the closest we came to scoring. Van der Vaart sights weren’t quite correctly set as he sent a near post header past at the end of the first half and curled a shot from just inside the area narrowly over in the 80th minute.

So a game played in a fierce atmosphere where ultimately feistiness got the better of flare and United dominated the tone and tempo. Even though the match as a whole left a slightly bad taste in the mouth, the fact is that there are good points and bad points and this was one of the better ones.


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  1. It would be easy to be dissappointed at the result, but I thought Spurs played really well in the second half particularly. The back four were superb all the way through and Hutton and Assou-Ekoto showed discipline and creativity. The lack of a top striker was the reason we did not pull it off. Defoe is the nearest we have to a world class striker and should have been given more time especially since Crouchy was getting nothing off Vidic.

  2. Modric wasnt quick enough, by the time he'd thought about exactly where he wanted (albeit accurately) to pass the ball, we were facing two banks of four again.

  3. where the hell was townsend, i remember watching a certain 37 year old on the pitch yesterday when he started, he was given a chance and took it, townsend was arguably the mom last week, why was not even on the bench. we were too predictable which made it easy for manure to defend, think about it, their right back gets sent off and we have a young lad wanting to prove himself, who likes to run at defenders at pace, he could not do any worse than playing crouch.

  4. We played a good game but i am bit worried about Harry's tactical abilities. Crouch never got the best of Vidic, not even once. But Harry left him up there for 90mins? Why bring Defoe on so late? Defoe scored 2 goals and he doesn't earn a starting place? Harry doesn't seem to be able to change things druing a game. We could have easily won this game if we realy went all out. And for Townsend to have played so well and not even be on the bench, well don't be surprised if he left as well. We definetly have the squad to go places, but don't think Harry knows how to fully utilize it.

  5. luka is our far most best player,he's like top 5 midfield ever,bale and VDV will be average without him,because it will be similar situation like in real,there are is no ball from midfield that's why they are very weak against serious clubs..modric,iniesta,xavi and cesc are serious players…messi and other forwars are nothing without them,like we saw in argentina….same happening to United,Chelsea,Liverpool…not to mention City who is far most creativless team of 5…

    p.s. yesterday i watched some milan games,we will destroy them,they are on the level of West Ham…but i think West Ham also has advantage over them :)…Ibra would be a reserve in tottenham,also almost every player of their starting-lineup wouldn't se sunshine on Lane…guardiola gave away eto for him? it like changing gold for nothing…:)

  6. we destroyed united midfield…berbatov touuched once the ball :),and some of them also…so the piont is that in two games nobody can eliminate tottenham…champions legaue here we come!!! … an when we are on with only 10 players we are even better :))) … but we saw how united looks without one player,almost like with full squad:)))…,pass is a mistery to them…and a attractiv football just a local manchester whisper :))…bayern teached them that last year!!! :)))

  7. I think Redknapp owes Crouch a favour, why else would he play him? Useless. We got a solid back four with Dawson back and I was really impressed with Assou-Ekotto. Perhaps with Kaboul instead of Hutton or Gallas, would've been even better cuz he is world class. As so many people have said, we need a STRIKER!!

  8. kranjcar + modric…if we link up kranjcar+luka+VDV we have our own barcelona…we should sell bale for a lot of money and profite…because when we played with kranjcar+modric our game was more beautiful,the whole concept…and if chelsea get kranjcar for peanuts,he will be worth 10 more during the summer tranfer window,and chelse will win triple crown…kranjcar is outstanding…bael is a player of a move,but with Niko we have the whole game more connected…teams now now that when they double up bale he is nothing,but niko is a creator,he eliminates the hole opposition back line with one move …and he does that wrom his own goal,with lucid long ball :)))

  9. we dont need a striker,we need one more creative midfielder.and thats Niko Kranjcar…but he now goes to chelsea…harry is an idiot!!! …and without luka,a niko saving him last year from elevation he would be somewhere on the sea again…

  10. Taken from F365 this morning:
    "Peter Crouch's pass completion rate of 32% v United was the worst of any Premier League starter this weekend."
    This shameful statistic just highlights his appalling performance on Sunday. Why, oh why does Harry stick with him??

    • you see,united chelsea and others who play their style of football are usually the clubs they lack only of classic no.10,the vcreative brain….we have three…but if you get only one of these player to them,they will be much stronger then us…so giving kranjcar or everyone who is really creative they will be unbeatable…chelsea understooded that late,ferguson apparently needs more time (he mentioned bale as the highest threat,but the threat is luka,so clearly he likes only that kind of players like bale,and his game represent it…no creativity,and when it comes to battle teams like barcelona,he is destroyed)……but thats the truth


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