A look back at the draw against Wigan


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Probably the most frustrating thing about Saturday’s draw at Wigan was the feeling of familiarity. The stodge in midfield, the powder puff attack and the defence constantly toying with the idea of imploding have all been seen far too often in recent weeks.

Harry put out an attacking side that contained no width and our two most creative players playing out of position. Modric on the left and Van der Vaart on the right were poor replacements for the flying Lennon and Bale we’ve got used to and possibly didn’t realise how lucky we were to have. Everything was too narrow almost from start to finish. The availability of Kranjcar and Pienaar meant that it was annoying to see Modric out of his normal spot in the middle especially given the stumbling (often quite literally) performance of Jenas.

The much maligned, often unfairly, midfielder had a game that could be described as patchy at best, he did though produce pretty much our only meaningful shot on target however when Al Habsi spilled his first half volley just short of the onrushing Defoe. Pav tried a few speculative efforts and late on Crouch got on the end of a few crosses but there was nothing of great note. At the other end in familiar style Gomes finger tipped a couple of shots over and wide and also saved well down by his feet late on.

The injuries are worrying and the form concerning, apart from Sandro that is who had another blinder of a game. Elsewhere, a massive improvement is needed before Tuesday evening.


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  1. We basically need two of everything except midfield. But we won't buy anything EXCEPT midfielders this summer.

    Also release King and Woodgate and buy two central defenders.


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