Early season thoughts


Firstly, where will Spurs finish in the league come May? Obviously it is early days and we are still in the transfer window, but I regrettably think we will finish 7th (hopefully i am wrong and we finish top 4). If I were a betting man (which I’m not) my top six would be – not in this order – Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton and the Woolwich Wanderers.

Things may change if we can get a couple of ‘strikers’, all we have at the moment is JD and what if he gets injured? Harry Kane maybe a decent Championship or Division One player but never in a million years do I think he will be a top class Premier League player. Also, as much as I quite like Livermore, I have the feeling he wont make it as a top class Premier League player either. We have £35M worth of talent who doesn’t want to play for us anymore and 10 days left in the transfer window. We need to buy and need to buy quickly. Daniel Levy has a lot to answer for at this time.

Secondly, Refereeing is always a controversial issue, but as always the so called ‘top clubs’ always get the rub of the green. It seems to me all referees don’t like Tottenham. Look at Saturday with Martin Atkinson. He books Sandro and Livermore for nothing more than players genuinely trying to get the ball, yet two of the Toon players should not have been on the pitch for consitant fouling. As we know by his performance in the cup against Chelsea last season, he is a disgrace. How many of you remember years ago when David Ellery badly refereed a Man U game and Sir Alex said he never wanted him refereeing a Man U game again. He got his wish to a certain extent, Ellery did’nt referee a Man U game for 2 years after that. The FA just said it was co-incidence, but then we all know what FA stands for. I am pretty sure we will continue to have bad refereeing decisions throughout the season and may cost us again – just as it did at Stoke last year with Chris Foy’s disgraceful performance.

by CheekyCockney

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  1. Sorry to sound greedy , but dzeko , Lorente., Defoe , adebayo would be a dream come true … We will be able to win premier league , Europa , anything we want, God willing, plus midfield player replacement for modric and diehard goal keeper … Then nothing stops spurs

  2. Living in Australia we dont see more than a little BUT, as far as I can see so far;
    In the serious and semi games so far we have only scored more than one goal in a game so far (agaistNew York)
    With the dream draw to start the season we should have no LESS than 7 points shoiuld have beaten WBA and Norwich and drawn at Newcastle.
    We are already at least 2 and probably 3 wins out of top spot and this will be VERY hard to make up.
    There seems to no sign of other than Spurs notorious incosistency.
    And it really hurts to write this but when you see what has happened to Chelsea AFTER AVB was sacke
    it has crossed my mind COULD Chelsea have been right to sack him.
    Come back Harry, all is forgiven.


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