Is Adebayor’s penalty worse than Diana Ross’?


It was such an embarrasing penalty attempt that it even trended on Twitter. Yes, we’re talking about Emmanuel Adebayor’s “effort” in the penalty shootout, the ball was last seen passing Jupiter.

Not only was the shot so bad, but the pony-style run-up which he did preceeding the kick was arguably worse than his shot.

He even gives Diana Ross a run for her money when it comes to taking penalties, but at least her effort was closer than our very own striker’s.

Which penalty is worse? Take a look at both again below, and have your say!

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  1. I think that Diana Ross had the extra difficulty of performing a song whilst taking the penalty…. Plus the other handicap of not being a professional footballer who trains every day to kick a ball accurately and is paid handsomely in order to do it to a high enough standard…

    • Promote 1 of our promising young forwards to 1st team & put Ade-Poor in SPURS" A" TEAM Because not good enough for reserves-Until we can DUMP him @ end season or we are DOOMED FOR 4TH SPOT…. I've seen him miss sitters( Apart from #1 penalty miss he missed several other chances in recent game & during season that many "AVERAGE" center forwards would convert ! HOPING A.VB REACTS…Derek H

  2. Tony – no we didn't think he'd score….our hearts were already sinking.

    Geoff – he 'ain't no professional' anything.

    In Diana Ross' defense; she had long hair flailing in her face, she was wearing glamorous clothing, she is a bird, she's probably never kicked a ball in her life, she had about a BILLION people watching her, a bunch of knobs dancing around her, the keeper was bouncing around like a page 3 birds' tits on a trampoline.

    In Ade's defense; his horse like trot to the ball suggests he thought the goal was Beachers Brook in the National and he was meant to go OVER it with the ball…

  3. Diana Ross was also wearing high heels…and she kept it low and hard, AND the goalkeeper moved off his line! Infringement!

    • Prefer Diana Ross playing center forward than "ADE-POOR" or consider giving him 10 tries & bind fold the goal-keeper!

  4. That's funny but it wasn't any worse than Chris Waddle's for England. Adebayor played alright last night apart from the miss in the first half which wasn't hit hard enough (when will he learn?). I read that the team practises penalties and Hudd, Sigg and Ade are the top three penalty takers at the club. Before anyone laughs, let's just recall that Bale, Dempsey and, of course, Defoe have missed penalties for Spurs. We are terrible at pens, and to single out Ade is unfair. By the way, I love Brad but thought he should have stood still – went way, way too early on the second and third pens.

  5. The biggest problem with Adebayor is that he can't strike the ball with any power – all his shots are sidefoots or chips or flicks – I can't remember him ever having a decent shot at goal like Bale, Naughton or Sigurdson can – this is quiet a problem for a forward. Trouble is we are stuck with him for the rest of his contract – no one else will be stupid enough to match his wages.

  6. I have no complaints about the Hudd effort. It was powerful, and on target. The keeper guessed right and had a strong hand to it. Great save.

    Adebayor is lazy, useless, moaning, lightweight, expensive pile of shite. I'd say he was a show pony, except he hasn't got any show. Lineker (and to a degree Defoe) got away with hanging around being offside because they scored when the chance arrived. Adebayor is somehow both too lazy to create chances, and so eager he's always offside. I've rarely hated a player more. He's getting near to Judas levels.

  7. I think he is a disgrace to the shirt, he earns a fortune maybe he should try once in a while, I'm embarrassed to say he plays for my beloved spurs, come on Daniel get rid of him asap he's rubbish

  8. I see adebayor is defending his penalty blaming a bad pitch and tiredness! Poor guy earns a fortune and he's tired, he should try my job for a week, also how come Basle players on a lot less money and playing regular managed to score, oh bye the way Emanuel they played on the same pitch!


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