England hero Geoff Hurst urges Kane to reconsider quitting Spurs

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England’s World Cup hero Geoff Hurst believes that Harry Kane might be better off staying at Tottenham rather than jumping ship in order to win trophies. 

Kane has admitted that he will have a discussion with Daniel Levy about his future this summer. 

The striker is rumoured to be on the radars of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea ahead of the summer transfer window.

It remains to be seen whether the 27-year-old will get the move he wants, with sources indicating that Spurs remain resolute in their desire to hold on to the talisman. 

Several pundits have stated that leaving Tottenham this summer is a no-brainer for Kane, with the likes of Danny Murphy even insisting that it is now or never for the England captain if he wants to make a big move.

However, Hurst pointed out that there is no guarantee of trophies at any club and stated that the striker could look back on his career more fondly if he was a one-club man. 

When asked about Kane potentially leaving Spurs, the West Ham legend told Casino.org (as relayed by Football.London): “In 30 years’ time he’ll be in a pub, if he’s gone to another club, and there’ll be a Spurs fan sitting in the bar saying ‘Why’d you leave the club?’.

“The short term, you’re not guaranteed trophies, trophies are not guaranteed if you move to any club.

“Probably the only club that you’d move to where you’re more likely to use the word guarantee, but still not guaranteed, would be Manchester City, the way they’re going at the moment.

“Other than that, whichever club he goes to, because it’s so competitive in all of the countries, if he goes to Germany and Bayern Munich, he would probably win the league but whether that would be looked upon as great in the future for him I’m not sure.

“Focussing on trophies is important to a degree, but it’s not the be all and end all of a player’s world. So I would advise him to be very careful about what he does and how he does it.

“He’s a god, he’s playing for a club that’s maybe not winning things, but they’ve got the best ground in the world. Their training ground is like Buckingham Palace.

“I mean I’ve been there, it’s astonishing the quality. I mean okay maybe they don’t have the money [to invest in their squad] because their finances have gone on the ground and so on.

“So I would think very closely but what you mentioned right at the beginning – being an England hero is big, that is bigger.

“Playing for your country and being successful for your country in my opinion is always going to be bigger than playing success for your club, and I’ve experienced both.

“We won the FA Cup at West Ham, absolutely adore the club, they gave me a chance to play football and I owe so much to them. But if I look overall, achieving what I did with England always surpasses that at club level.

“It didn’t used to be, I think a few years back, but now I think it’s come back where it’s important to be with England which is encouraging.”

Spurs Web Opinion

I believe this idea that a player can only be considered great if he is part of multiple title-winning sides is a completely new idea invented by glory hunting fans from around the world who support big clubs.

Alvaro Moratto has won more Serie A titles than Francesco Totti but no one would even dare to suggest that the Spaniard is likely to leave a bigger legacy than the Roma legend. 

However, it goes without saying that players like Kane, who are driven to be the best in the world, want to be competing for the biggest trophies in the game. So, I believe he will leave next summer (if not this one) in order to fulfil his ambitions if we do not show any signs of improvement. 

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