Will the England squad selection harm Tottenham?


This is my first article for SpursWeb and can I just say firstly that anything I write is only expressing ‘my opinion’. It is not necessarily right or wrong, I am sure there will be those who agree and those who disagree. But football is all about opinions and people talking and debating on all topics.

So for my first piece I want to talk about the England squad announced yesterday for the totally meaningless friendly against Italy on Wednesday, 3 days before the start of the season. As I think 99.99% of people would agree, the FA have a lot to answer to in allowing such a ridiculous friendly to be allowed to be played.

My gripe is the squad selection. As I said to my son weeks ago, you can bet that there wont be many established Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea or Man City players in the squad, but you can bet your life there will be a number of Spurs players chosen.

So where are all the Liverpool players who graced (sorry disgraced) themselves at the Euro’s. Only Carroll, who probably wont be a Liverpool player much longer, was picked, where are the Rooney’s and main Man U contingent, where have all the City players gone, and the Cole & Terry and others from Chelsea. The answer is simple. Sir Alex and the rest would not allow their players to contest such a match just before the big kick off. They are of course Right, they don’t want their players picking up unwanted injuries at such a time.

So, England decide to call up Caulker, Walker, Livermore and Defoe. What a joke. I realise it’s great for those like Caulker and Livermore – even if they will probably never be called up again. But for JD, who at the moment is our only striker, we should pull him out asap. He is obviously not really wanted by Roy Hodgson otherwise he would have called on him during the Euro’s when we really needed a goal. As it happens I think JD should have been a regular for England, but as he is not really wanted, what is the point in him being included. Finally there is Walker . Yes he will be an England regular, but as he has only just returned from injury, is there any point in him playing in such a match. He is a very important player for Spurs – especially as we have no real cover at right back – so again we as club should put ourselves first. If it was an important England match it would all be a different matter, but then as I said, Caulker and Livermore would not have been called up.

So come on Spurs, put your foot down, just as Sir Alex does, and save our players from any unnecessary injuries so that we can at least have a squad of players for our opener at Newcastle next week.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. You are completely right, but that is why Arsenal and Man and even City buy foreign players every time, remember parker , king all got injured on england duty and ledly never recovered , so why do the FAcontinue to engage in such rubbishness a couple of days b4 the start o four new season,, the other thing get rid of Modric we hav eenough midfielders what we lack are goal scorers goal scorers , perhaps some theraphy would help,, to instill in our forwRDS not to get panic attack when they hav ethe goal insight but be more calm and clinical.. we always get changes but out of ten we only take one, and that is the reason why we always get Fu..ed

  2. Excellent first post, Cheeky Cockney.

    I think most of us Tottenham fans feel exactly the same way – myself included. I cannot understand why we would let Defoe and Walker join the England squad for a pointless friendly so close to the start of the season, and if I was the Tottenham manager, I would have refused to let them join.

    At the beginning of every season its the same old story for us; always one or two vital players away from having a complete squad, and for a club like Tottenham, that is unacceptable.

    The question I would like to put to Levy, is suppose Modric did a Bale, and had declared he wanted to stay at Tottenham? Would we really be in this situation now, with only ONE recognised Premier League striker going into first week of the new season? What would his excuse be now, if Modric was happy to stay, just like Bale?

    Instead, we are told that we have to wait until the Modric transfer is concluded (if it actually does go ahead) before we can use the money from his sale to buy a striker – and think that stinks…

    But if we were to bid for Mountinho as a direct replacement for Modric (which I think we should do) then that doesn't really leave any money left over for a striker – unless we look at bringing in someone like Emile Heskey on a free transfer… And of course, we don't just need one striker, we need two.

    All these rumours about ABV having a £50 million 'warchest' – plus the sale of Modric on top of that, are rubbish, and it would appear that he has no money to spend – unless Modric is sold.

    This will now drag on for weeks until probably the very last day of the transfer season, and that can only mean that the first team will be suffer as a consequence, and Daniel Levy will be the winner, if you get my meaning…

    Levy, you're a disgrace…

  3. I agree with the main point in the article, namely the game should not be played at all!

    And if Defoe is our only striker come wednesday shouldn’t be allowed to play. Walker shouldn’t either but i believe you are beeing very unfair to kyle naughton when you say we don’t have cover at RB. He is PLproven and a great talent. Also Kaboul is more than capable at RB even if he should be CB along with Verthongen.

  4. I agree, spurs are always treated like trash by the FA- who basically are a bunch of inbread tories who inherited their over-payed jobs and the other half are lackeys to the toffs with strong arsenal or west ham loyalties! Sue me for Defamation if your reading this FA- I double dare you!

  5. A really poor article… of course you can criticize the choices but when you go like this, this is bad

    Walker is our only real right back so no cover you said… ok


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