‘English teams were coerced’ – Perez insists Spurs cannot leave Super League

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Real Madrid president, Fiorentino Perez, has insisted that the European Super League is still alive and that Tottenham, and the 11 other clubs who signed the agreement, cannot leave.

Tottenham, as well as the five other ‘big six’ clubs, were among the 12 teams who signed up for the breakaway competition.

However, all six Premier League clubs were forced to withdraw from the tournament following a wave of fan protests.

Tottenham then issued an apology to the fans for signing up to the league and for doing so without consulting the supporters. 

Spurs, as well as the other members of the ‘big six’, have collectively paid a fine of around £22m for their actions and agreed that any future attempt to join another league will result in a £25m fine for the offending club, as well as a 30-point deduction in the Premier League standings (Daily Mail).

Fans will be hoping that the proposed punishment serves as a sufficient deterrent to stop those clubs from trying something similar in the future but Perez has insisted that the Super League idea is still alive and kicking.

The 74-year-old claimed that Spurs and the other English clubs had been ‘coerced’ into withdrawing from the breakaway league.

He told El Transistor (as relayed by ESPN): “We are calm, because of what we have, we have won. The English teams were coerced.

“They signed something they shouldn’t have signed, because they are committed to the Super League. They wanted to punish them, and the courts have said no.

“There is a binding contract and no one can leave. The Super League continues. We went to the judge who made a ruling and said the Super League cannot be touched. 

“UEFA cannot do anything to the people or the clubs. It’s stopped. Now the court in Luxembourg must decide.

“We have been working on this for two years. It’s a format to prevent football, which is losing interest, from dying.

“We are not excluding anyone, but everyone can’t be there. A Roma vs Sampdoria has less interest than a Manchester United vs Paris Saint-Germain. The fans are in charge here.”

Spurs Web Opinion 

It is clear to see why Real Madrid and Barca are desperate for the Super League as their finances are in tatters. The Premier League clubs are comparatively in a much healthier position due to the relatively higher broadcast revenue. After the backlash that we saw from fans, I do not think the owners of any one of the ‘big 6’ would take the risk of joining the breakaway competition.

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